Friday, November 5, 2010

Joan O'Flynn on the Radio

This Sunday we are remembering the very brilliant and still much missed Joan O'Flynn on the Sunday Scrapbook. Joan was the first ever guest, and truth be told back-stage instigator and chief encourager, of the show. That first episode was hairy, very hairy, we went live and Joan's soothing presence kept me together through all the hiccoughs. (some of which were real howlers - my interruption of one of Joan's readings being the absolute killer blow)

Joan was an extraordinary person and it's really hard to believe it's almost a year since we last heard her laugh, got her devillishly fun point of view, or shared some thought provoking discussion with her. Her blog is still there thankfully, at where you can sample her fantastic thoughtful writing.

So - Lucan Writers past and present came in over the last few weeks and shared memories, favourite pieces and thoughts about Joan, and the result is this 1 hour tribute.
Featured are Joe McKiernan, Louise Phillips, Triona Walsh, Joan Byrne, Colm Keegan and David Mohan - there are also some clips from that show of last year - with Joan herself reading.
It will be played at 4pm on Sunday on Liffey Sound - link on the right there as always, and then put up on the archive hopefully soon after.

Thanks to Joan's family for their permission to do this, and don't forget to get yourself a copy of Joan's brilliant book -

Here's a nice little review of it


120 Socks said...

Looking forward to hearing it. Mind you your slot is beginning to be an essential part of my weekend, pity you have to compete with Xfactor for most of the rest of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing it too - should be quite emotional hearing her voice again.

Domestic Oub said...

Can't wait to hear it Niamh - thanks for your hard work putting it together. Think, yes, it will be emotional. Still missing Joan so much.

Totalfeckineejit said...

That's a really nice idea.I look forward to hearing and finding out more about your friend.

Titus said...

Ooh, this sounds unmissable. I'm bound to miss it, but I love your iplayer function!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Socks, I could never compete with MaBy anyway.
Hope you enjoy dave and Oub, hope we did her proud!
Thanks TFE - hope you enjoy it.
Yep Titus - no need to ever miss it! Tks for your kind words.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.
I now have the Radio Archives blog in my Google Reader, so I'll remember to listen. (Think I'll listen to some of the others as well when I have the chance.)


Niamh B said...

Thanks Kat, do indeed - there are definitely alot of people well worth listening to in there

120 Socks said...

Thanks Niamh for bringing Joan back to visit us again. I laughed and I cried. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Niamh, that show was great and a lovely tribute to Joan - I really enjoyed it and I think she would have loved it - well done to you!

Niamh B said...

Thanks guys - your contributions were brilliant, I just stuck em all together.