Friday, May 14, 2010

Maeve O'Sullivan on the Radio

This week our marvellous guide on the world of wonder that is the Sunday Scrapbook is none other than Maeve O'Sullivan

Maeve is a lecturer in media, a journalist and poet. Her poetry and haiku have been widely published in Ireland and the UK and she is working on a first collection. She is also the author of a joint collection of haiku with Kim Richardson entitled Double Rainbow, which was published in 2005 and sold out - she co-runs Summer workshops on creativity with special emphasis on the haiku at the Anam Cara Retreat which will run this year from 22nd to 25th July.

Her chosen topic is "The Summer Haiku" - join us for a bit of a gingko then then - when? well 4pm on Sunday obviously (that's 1am Japanese time for dedicated listeners) or catch up on the archives afterwards


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You'll be won over to the form TFE, you will you will you will

Titus said...

I think we should strap him to a chair and put earphones on him. Tee Hee.
Sounds great!