Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catherina Behan on the Radio

This weeks tour of terrificness is guided by the fabulous Catherina Behan - who has chosen the theme of "On the Road" - for our show which will take us on several of the different kinds of intricate journeys of life.

Catherina Behan has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember, being published here and there in her late teens and early twenties. After performances for associations like Dublin Pride, Catherina took some time off to live in Australia and Asia. Now she’s back and hitting the open mic and performance scenes as hard as she can with performances that are sometimes political, sometimes provocative but always passionate!
Check out Catherina's myspace page on - where you'll find videos of her spellbinding performances.
Her next live appearance will be at the Odessa on the 13th - yes, next Thursday, where she will be acting as MC for Elder Roche's intimate gig supported by Pearse McGloughlin, both amazingly talented acts - she will be performing her poetry there as well. Ye'd be mad to miss it.

The radio show as usual is on at 4pm on Sunday, link to Liffey Sound on the right there, (that's 4pm in Balrothery). So have your bags packed and join us on the road then - won't you?


the watercats said...

bloomin eck!.. just clicked on the myspace link and lost an hour.. !.. there's some fecking awesome stuff going on in Duberlin!.

Niamh B said...

I know, her myspace page alone is a work of art!
There's some awesome stuff and people throughout the country too tho!