Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's one I wrote earlier

So, here's my second publication of 2011, a monologue, printed in the lovely online "Good Ear Review"

I really have no idea of their readership, but I do think they're very kind hearted people for taking the words that I have fashioned together and putting them up on their site, and I only wish there were more such kind hearted people in the world.

It's my first ever publication in the world of Drama, so be nice...

You'll find it here


Peter Goulding said...

Ooh - multifaceted. This is an extract from a longer piece, yes? Lots of tantalising hints at what the family situation is. Would love to read more

Niamh B said...

indeedy, tis the first page of my 2nd attempt at a novel - written in the first five months of 2009 and not looked at since.

Careful or I'll send it to ya!!

& tks :-)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Ooer! well done! And from your novel no less. Must go and have a looky!
How did you send it in without looking at it? Does that help or can you fall over?

Niamh B said...

I might've been slightly exagerrating about not ever looking at it since - ie I did look at this first page in order to convert it into a monologue, but anyhoo, thanks for reading :-)