Sunday, January 16, 2011

TFE's Driving again!!

Total Feckin Eejit, poetry bus founder and madman extraordinaire, with a recent birthday under his belt - has given us a difficult soulful type of excercise for this week's bus - don't think, feel. Be silent and think about breathing, existence etc etc... I'm not sure why but I found this rather tough (having said that I seem to find em all tough lately).. but here's the effort after a couple of goes - the other passengers will be found here


For Now


A mushy mind

A tired neck

frustrated eyelids droop again

slow brain can’t keep up

or think something to say

(apart from the usual nothings and moans, the tingles in toes and the hammering “no”s)

traipse blind and excited to a whole new page


here’s a thing

an escaped kitten, not missing the cage,

a sniff at the air, and follow the flow

dreaming, “sail on, there’s a reason

will make it – to a freedom”

little cat hands push on

push mushy mind on

little claws clutch for comfort

pink patches touch clean


the heart is rolled and jumped on for play

arteries, veins know what to say

about such an outrage

“Hey, you! Stop!”

even they are giggling helpless

because it’s just too cute

so they know they will let it away

with turning the heart inside out for a day

there’s always tomorrow, to go back to clay


Rachel Fox said...

Aren't you moving house? Poetry and house-moving are a tricky combination!

I like the 'tired neck'. Made me think of turkeys... and then the cats came in...


annell said...

Back to clay....does that mean that is where you are happy? Nice write.

The Bug said...

I have this picture of a kitten wreaking havoc in my brain (not very hard to do) - who knows what might come of that?

Niamh B said...

Yes Rachel, moving next weekend, though it'll be a gradual move, so we don't have to pack up everything in one go, we're not going that far and we hope to be back a few months in summer before the big permanant move, but yes, poetry at the mo is a bit tricky. Funny bout the tired neck and turkeys!
Thanks annell - as ordered by TFE, I didn't really think at all during the writing, so amn't sure what back to clay means really, probably means being real or realistic or something.
Oh Bug, hope it's not too destructive!!

Emerging Writer said...

Hey Niamh, I'm liking the little cat hands.

Titus said...

And I'm liking the push mushy mind!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Emerging and Titus!

120 Socks said...

If only I had a cat! You do better than me on the none thinking, me thinks!

Helen said...

What could be sweeter than kittens on the mind while navigating a move.

Karen said...

Love the little pink patches and the pushing, pushing.

Kat Mortensen said...

Wow! I don't recommend reading this while the Lou Reed is playing (which is what I just did).

Having read the next post, this poem makes much more sense. You little devil, you!


Niamh B said...

Tks socks, don't think you did so badly at all.
Tks Helen, I know there's a lot of sweetness in life at the moment, so just enjoying it, along with the terrifyingness of it all.
Tks Karen, like I say, haven't a clue what it all means, but sure tis whatever it is now!
Wow Kat, I'd say that fitted in pretty nicely too, clever you! I shoulda thought of that on Sunday and put it all in together.

Argent said...

I wish I had kittens in my head instead of these endlessly chattering monkeys. Trade ya? Loved the whole concept of this.

Jinksy said...

"So they know they will let it...
Away with turning the heart inside out for a day! There’s always tomorrow, to go back to clay."

What a lovely idea!

Jinksy said...

"So they know they will let it...
Away with turning the heart inside out for a day! There’s always tomorrow, to go back to clay."

What a lovely idea!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Jinksy :-)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Some nice things in there, it'slangrous and curious enigmatic and 'of the moment' and I likes the clay thing!The EEjit fromDel Monte says Si!