Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jeanne's poetry bus getting the new year off to a humanity consciousness raising good start

Advancing humanity to a higher level of consciousness - come up with your plan and post a poem - this is the quick job that Jeanne has given us as the price for a ticket on the bus this week - two other tickets were available - but this one appealed to me most. Check out all tickets and passengers here

However it's tricky. I spent a depressing few minutes the other night watching the very intelligent and funny Jimmy Carr doing a gig on a DVD - presumably the best gig he's done all year (in his own opinion?) where rape, domestic violence, racism, and general insults to everyone about everything made up the guts of the fodder. He's selling out stadiums (stadi-ii?) with this crap and people are paying to sit there and try to laugh at it. Uplifting? Enjoyable? Ehhh - No - more plain ugly.

So there Jimmy, I've said it. Ok different strokes for different folks, but when that is clearly what is working for him, and selling for him, it kind of makes me afraid for humanity, if that's what we enjoy.

How to advance us all to a higher level of consciousness then? Make everyone watch Anthony De Mello on youtube? Force everyone in the world to follow this blog? (I've a long way to go on that one). Get everyone one of those clichée a day calenders? Or make everyone sing The Duck Song once a week?


Well all of those are likely to prove impossible so instead I present to you here - the flimsiest of tickets, but sure I'll chance it. Happy new year to you all.



Advice for Humanity


Deep breaths and let

the thoughts dance light


Dissolve the web

and all that catches


Deserve each kiss

each touch entrusted


Delight in those

who sparkle true


Deny confusion

let doubts fade far


Drink deep the spin

of another new


and hope filled

trip around the star


Rachel Fox said...

Love the sparkling and the trip at the end.
Happy New Year sparkly lass!

Jessica Maybury said...

I liked the bit at the end too! I want to go star surfing :) Happy new year, dreamer

the watercats said...

this is just so bloody beautiful! there have been a couple of poems I've read so far this week which have been worthy of desk-side reminders of lovlytude.. this is one of them :-)
Hope you had a good celebration of newyearness

The Bug said...

I like the end too. It's a gray day here in Ohio, but I'm trying to remember that it's the beginning of something wonderful. Isn't it? Yes!

The Dead Acorn said...

"Deserve each kiss
each touch entrusted"

That's one of the best things I've ever read.

Helen said...

It's going to be a good one! Love your poetry bus ticket. Happy New Year!

NanU said...

Nice one, Niamh.
Knowing when to turn the tube off is key.

Dick said...

Advice warmly and wisely packaged.

Niamh B said...

Thanks Foxy, right back at ya!
Tks Jessica - many dreamy returns.
Tks Watercats, twas a fine evening, hope you had too!
Thanks Bug - yes, we'll hope for the best anyway!
Thanks Acorn, very sweet of you to say so.
Thanks Helen - can't be bad with another 50 odd bus trips to take!
NanU - it's crucial! I so often can't figure that one out, I have similar problems with giving up on rubbish books.
Thanks Dick, it's worth a try

Jessica said...

Great advice, except I am a bit perturbed about the 'dissolve the web' part, can't imagine the world without internet, how would we survive??

PS the word verification this time is 'riting' which seems oh so appropriate for your blog. One of the three r's indeed.

Karen said...

This is a lovely New Year's poem and great advice for anyone anytime. Really well done!

Niamh B said...

Tks Jessica, the interweb didn't occur to me there, just meant more the tangle of confusion we sometimes find ourselves in, the trappings of life.
Thanks Karen, very kind :-)

Peter Goulding said...

My deadly dull mind believes the last couplet should start with a D too. Lovely flow to this.

Niamh B said...

I know what you mean Peter - twas a definite sesame street poem up to that point, the last couplet wasn't originally going to be there - ie the last 4 lines were gonna be 2 instead, but they outgrew it

Kat Mortensen said...

This, I need to embroider on a sampler and keep close to my head.