Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crunchy Numbers & live poetry

So, some of you may remember that last year I took on a project where I wrote a poem a day, no matter, whether I felt inspired, uninspired, or whatever - the results are in....

I wrote about 400 "so called" poems up to early October (before energy of all kinds deserted me while I began my current creative project). Of these I kept a record up to early September of how many I felt were any good and how many got published v's the dates they were written...

The best month for good poems was July, though I judged what poems were "good" fairly soon after writing, I haven't looked at alot of them since, so I don't know whether they actually were any good or not.
Reasonably good poems were frustratingly well spread throughout the week - I was hoping to see all good poems being written on a Thursday for some reason. The only slight pattern showed more good poems clustering on Monday, Tuesday, slightly less on Wednesday, Thursday - with weekends slackening off in number. Having said that - actual published poems showed more of a trend - being written mainly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Perhaps suggesting that spending more time on the things (ie on a Saturday) sometimes led to better results. No published poems were written on a Sunday. So I'll be taking that day off writing in future. - or not - maybe my Sunday Luck has been out, but it's just waiting to come back...

So would I recommend it to a friend?
Why yes, it did definitely keep me in a more creative frame of mind, made me feel like I was writing something, gave me a home for alot of ideas and I have a heap of poems that I wouldn't have otherwise got, and there's 203 pages of junk to entertain me in my old age, perhaps I can read it at dinner parties (or more likely at dinner in the home), "did I ever read you my collection?... in its entirety?... I was quite the hot shot you know, Doris...."

As proof of that I can show Doris a live, in technicolour (though of course I wore grey) recording, made this monday night gone at the Glór sessions.

I'm at minute 17, second 52 of the latest recording, if ye want a laugh, though I'm cringeing too much to watch it back myself, hope you enjoy. There are lots of great acts spread throughout the night, so it's well worth a look through, and you can tune in live to that link of a Monday at 9ish - which is what I'll have to do for future look ins, since I'll be in Cork for the next few months worth of Glórs.


120 Socks said...

Impressive amount of poems! The things we can do if we put our mind to it!!!

Niamh said...

Its inspiring that you wrote a poem a day...400! Really well done. And no published poems were written on the sabbath(maybe jesus was watching!) Its something i'd like to try..some day. Enjoyed your reading, Laughed at your line about babys coming out just as easy as they go in!

Niamh B said...

It really is Socks, amazing too how little we can do when we don't!
Thanks Niamh, well worth a try for a while, just gets you in a creative space. I'm sure you laughed at that line because in fact child birth is really very easy, and women only go on about it as revenge for man-flu, I will keep faith with the conspiracy... definitely.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh God, I could NEVER keep that up! I get distracted so easily and I'm afraid I wait for inspiration rather than demand it of myself.
That's not to say that I don't admire YOU for doing it.

I missed the Sessions on Monday and I'm sorry I missed your recitation. I'll have to check it out on the site.


P.S. I realize that I haven't officially congratulated you on the bambino(a) coming in the spring. I hope you enjoy every step before and after! Congratulations!

Kat Mortensen said...

I watched your bit, Niamh (which was great), BUT did you have to give away about Ashley? I'm a big Corrie fan and we're about a year behind!
Never mind. I forgive you - you knew not what you were doing.

Your pregnancy looks well on you, by the way.


Niamh B said...

Tks Kat, yes - I have to say ALOT of the time inspiration on demand really didn't happen, but it was good to try. And thanks for the congrats:-)
And sorry re the spoiler!! I just didn't think through the international repercussions of my words. I hereby promise to give a warning if I pen any future soap spoiling poems!

Totalfeckineejit said...

How come yu get 400 days in your year and I only get 365? No wonder I'm so old.

Niamh B said...

TFE - It's very simple, you just need to go to bed twice some days, then when you get up again it's like a new day