Friday, January 14, 2011

Seán Ferrick on the Radio

Our guest this week on the second last Sunday Scrapbook with meself at the helm is going to be Seán Ferrick, taking on the theme of "Utopia and Dystopia in the media"

That's alot of "ia"s and I am giving a free jar of lollipops to the listener who guesses the correct number of times that we will say "ia" between us. "ea" as in idea, urea, panaceaea - doesn't count towards the total.
Guesses must be submitted by 9 am on Friday morning, ie today, ie 15 minutes ago.

Now for a little more about Seán. He is currently working on an MA in Creative Writing with UCD. His original interest in writing begain in fantasy, but he has since moved on to socio realism. His first published story, Fate, was a short and somewhat depressing (he says) story of a man who decides to commit suicide, is saved but survives only to die by accident - succombing to his 'Fate'.
He has also taken some of his work onto the stage having developed an understanding of theatre from his own acting experience. His play "Debate" was produced several times both within the college setting and out in the big bad world. Another story that he adapted for the stage was 'Little Miss Muffet'. This received nominations for acting and script at the Drama Society awards that year, and was the most successful lunchtime show of the year
The current project, 'Down to the Bridge' is a novel that started life in many different forms (there is in fact a full stage play written last year, that he decided was simply too small to display the work that went into planning the novel). As part of his MA is enjoying the process of vigorously critiquing his work and learning from this.

Seán is a very impressive performer of his work and is a writer of some serious ambition, with some thought provoking ideas behind his approach. If you haven't heard of him already, there is no doubt in my mind that you will. He's well worth a listen at the usual time 4pm (6pm in Damascus) on Liffey Sound - link for live listening on the right there, or catch up at a later date on the archives as always.

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