Thursday, January 27, 2011


1. This weekend I will not be on the radio - but Eamonn Lynskey will be, and along with him will be the lovely Ann Tannam - who is soon launching here first collection of poetry "Take this Life" 4pm on Liffey Sound y'all (or fm), don't forget to tune in.
2. It only takes a cute dog with a teddy bear face about 2 days to convince the responsible owners of a previously in control household to allow her half access to the couch. Full access and priviledges are predicted with great confidence in the near future.
3. There are more cars in Cork! (contentious one, I know - but they are all over the place, in 3 lanes, flying along - instead of my old slow crawl city commute. I even ended up dreaming about them last night)


120 Socks said...

It's your fans, they are following you to Cork, go careful out there!

Domestic Oub said...

You have cars in Cork???

Peter Goulding said...

They have cars all right, but with big chips on their shoulders

Domestic Oub said...

It must be so tough for 'people' who come from Cork... Niamh, how do you cope?? Is it the Dublin blood in your veins??

Niamh B said...

Will do Socks.
Oub - Cork invented Cars
Peter - where would you find a car's shoulder and I'll check that for you?
Oub - what do you mean 'people'?

knew the car one would be controversial!!