Thursday, June 24, 2010

Barbara Smith on the Radio

This weekend I am delighted to be welcoming my colleague in Divaness to the Sunday Scrapbook, Barbara Smith is taking on the the theme of "A Woman's View"
Barbara holds an MA in English (Creative Writing) from Queen’s University, Belfast, 2008. Kairos, her debut poetry collection was published in 2007 by Doghouse Books. In 2009, she was awarded the Annie Deeny bursary residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre for Artists & Writers; was a prize winner at Scotland’s Wigtown Poetry Competition and was shortlisted for the Poetry Business pamphlet completion. She has read with the Diva Collective, at Flatlake and the Electric Picnic.... and of course you'll also know her from her blog Barbara's Bleuggghh!!!!
You're invited to join us on Sunday, for full, in depth soccer and poetical analysis from a woman poet's point of view... at 4pm (that's 5pm in Paris) on Liffey Sound - link on the right there, or else we'll see ya whenever we see ya over at


Totalfeckineejit said...

Never mind all that, Babs is in the forthcoming Poetry Bus Mag.Now that says it all. In a GOOD way, ye cheeky feckers!

Niamh B said...

Feck it now TFE, we'll be mobbed at the station, only MOBBED!