Friday, June 18, 2010

Anne Tannam on the Radio

This week I'm delighted to be welcoming Anne Tannam to the show - Anne is taking on the theme of "Out of the Ordinary" and her poetry is very special indeed.

She began to write a year and a half ago and has just finished the third draft of her first book of poems, working title ‘Take This Life’ and is in the process of looking for a publisher. She reads regularly at the Glor sessions and Seven Towers’ Last Wednesday Series.

In her own words:

“Language has always fascinated me and whatever work I am doing, the importance of how we tell our stories and communicate our essential truths has remained a constant. Through work as a teacher, life coach and parent, the power of using language effectively and honestly, interests me greatly. “Poetry can tell us what human beings are. It can tell us why we stumble and fall and how, miraculously we can stand up” Maya Angelou. When I began to write myself, poetry seemed a natural choice and I believe that no other form of writing communicates so succinctly the unique but ordinary experience of being human.”

Join us for a walk and a talk on Sunday at 4pm (8pm in Tashkent) - Liffey Sound - link on the left, or catch up afterwards on http://sundayscrapbook.blogspot


Titus said...

That's another great quote! All the best for Sunday. Oops, you've probably recorded it already, haven't you?

Niamh B said...

Thanks Titus, sure have a listen on Sunday and see if you can tell :-)

I prerecord or not depending on what suits the writer... but we like to pretend it's live anyway, so I mightn't tell you either way this time!!

and yes - Anne's philosophy is really interesting, twill be worth a listen!