Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sensational Sunday

The pink room.... haven of pinkness, no doubt some little girl's dream come true. Illuminous pink since we moved in - sensationally, it is about to change. First lick of paint the house has seen - it could have been predicted that the barbie room would be first to fall prey to our reluctant DIYing. But not without a fight. The pink room will go down with a struggle... of tester stick art:

heroic battles of pink coming through the "Carribean soft" (I wish I had a job naming colours - I'd be so good at it... Intrigue, Oxygen, I could have come up with those colour names).
Of course we'll be keeping a little bit of pink alive - the bit behind the desk will hide a little heart, a reminder of the colour past, and maybe we'll keep doing that, with every new colour remembering a little of the old. I think I'd like it - if all rooms had to keep a little corner of their history - like the way we do, in our own memories, in scars, worry lines, knowingness. I know it would get very messy eventually... but a little bit of mess mightn't be so bad, if it meant we learned from the past, remembered what it looked like.


Titus said...

That is beyond pink. It's a kind of psychological torture pink. However, I do like the idea of leaving a heart-shaped piece uncovered as a room memory.

Good luck with covering the rest, I suspect it ain't gonna be easy!

the watercats said...

hahahahaha!!.. pink! I did paint a giant pink unicorn on the kid's wall when we moved in here.. luckily, she grew into a bit a tom boy after a minor pink affliction. She now has a whit room with one wall of bookshelves (complete with books) and one of horse related posters. The unicorn can still be seen faintly when you pull a book out... I like the idea of leaving a space for the past colour too :-)

Niamh B said...

Yes Torture is the only word for it Titus - helps explain why we've never had long term houseguests - in that room anyway.
Ahh - no house/ poem/ story or song is quite complete without a unicorn Watercats, you're giving me ideas...