Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Silliness

So today we went looking at dogs... We don't plan to be at home all day in the near future, so wouldn't be able to mind one, but we can dream, myself and Mr VC, pair of dreamers we are.
We went to two places. One was nearby - a new place just started up. It's been advertised on TV. They had queues, and seats like an NCT office, and forms to fill out - and a dog of the week in a glass enclosure out the front. Out back there were another 20 clean glass enclosures with dogs - all with little stories posted up, and colour photographs of them - stickers on the ones that have found their "forever home". You almost expected to find a bar-code on them - shaved into their hind legs perhaps.
The second place we went to was far away, up a windy (half eroded by snow) boithrín in the Wicklow mountains. There were over 250 animals there. Cats and dogs. Pups and kittens. They were loud, friendly, excited and loving the country air. I'm not sure how the staff manage to walk them all - but there was a good confusion of people around with leads, and all being nice to the animals in their care. The very kind man running the place was gentle with us, and our delusions of having a dog - he said we were more suited to having a cat - the position we were in and all. But we're not cat people... not at the moment. So we drove back home the long lonely road alone... (but together... but without a dog... or a cat... you know what I mean)


Jessica said...

Cats are fun too . . . if you get a good one. And dogs are so much work.

My cat is running around the apartment chasing a ball right now. She's less high maintenance than a dog, because she doesn't ask me to throw it for her.

Niamh B said...

I'd be open to getting a cat, there were some lovely kittens there today - Mr VC is yet to be convinced

Bill said...

Definitely more of a cat fan, here. Like to have to or three around. (They do scratch: I quickly discovered there'd be no point in spending much more than 20 quid on a sofa, but then I never thought there was anyway).

NanU said...

If you become converted to catdom - remember - two cats are better than one. Yes they are more self-entertaining and autonomous than dogs, but if the house is empty most of the time, two cats will keep each other company while one will get bored and scratch your couches much more than otherwise.
Cats rule!

Niamh B said...

I know there's a lot to be said for cats - not least that they have a far better youtube presence