Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One a day

So - this weather I'm trying to write one poem a day, (one of my secret new years resolutions) and I'm not allowing myself to blog until that poem is written.... Results have been varied. This is partly why I'm having a "say what you like day" on a wednesday - or a wednesday whinge, if you will - saves me coming up with anything...

Do keep them coming in by the way, see yesterdays post - the anonymous things you can't talk about on your blog - the top 3 responses will be posted tomorrow - think of it as a less artistic, more localised, less secretive postsecret.... (anyone who says it's a way for me to write what I like and claim it's anonymous is completely wrong)

Anyway - since some of ye are curious like that, here's one of the poem a day poems....

I Like Short Poems

When peeking into a stranger’s soul

Sometimes just the tiniest piece

Is plenty

It’s just fine

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