Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Fun

So last night, went along to Nighthawks, and read. I was very nervous - I think it's because I knew I was going to be doing it for so long in advance, and because I've seen so many high quality acts performing there in the past. I had no horrible head freezing incidents in any of the 7 poems I did from memory though, the special effects poem worked ok, the one I read from a page seemed to go alright, overall it was fine (despite a huge wobble in my voice - which might have been explained by emotion - if it hadn't have been present also while saying the Ryanair/ Electric Chair poem).
Anyway - there were changes to the program because of the SNOW - but the last minute acts drafted in were hugely brilliant, high quality people, and those others who made it out of the original line up were brilliant as well. Colm Mac Con Iomaire had us all spellbound at the end of the night, with his spine tingling tunes on the violin. I don't know how to explain how flattered and touched I was when he said he was performing a piece from Micheal Hartnett's "A Farewell to English" in tribute to "Niamh and her poetry" - so I'll just say he did - and let ye imagine the happy dance that ensued inside me for the next few hours.
The night was rounded off with a giant snowfight with 5 or 6 cm of powdery loveliness, and the creation of 2 perfect snow angels under an orange light - captured by my high quality camera in the above picture.
Hope those of you who managed to tune in enjoyed today's show with Stephen K, for any Silly Billys who missed it, I will endeavour to get it onto the Radio Archive blog tomorrow evening.


Lorenzo Lapis Lazuli said...

Sounds like a very nice night. Where can we read the poems you read?

Jessica said...

Lovely photos of the snow angels, it's the orange color that really makes the shot.

Wish we had a little snow. Maybe for weekends only, or something.

Titus said...

Huge congratualtions! Your camera's as high quality as mine. We won it in a raffle. Oops, that sounds insulting.
Some tribute to get the dedication. You must have been great.

Niamh B said...

Hi Lorenzo, some are around the blog, but haven't posted em all as yet - I can email you them if you drop me a mail niamh.bagnell(at) - that goes for any curious folks out there!
Thanks Jessica, I think ours is on the way out - Saturday night was as fluffy and dramatic as it's likely to get, great timing tho.
Thanks Titus! yep - it's one of those cameras that you can drop and not notice a difference. Getting the mention was lovely, I'm not sure if he actually saw me - like it might've been a tribute to poetry in general and he just noticed the name on the flyer - (that's my maximum modesty/ minimum fuss voice talking there...)

Totalfeckineejit said...

7 poems from memory!! I barely know 7 days from memory.Well done!
Ya shuda gone wit da Voidka likes I told ye thpough for ta iron out the vocal collywobbles.
emither me da poimes.