Thursday, January 7, 2010

A sad little tale

Well here's a sad little tale, about sheeps in snow, sadly sheeps have sad little tails already, they hardly need more sadness to their little lives but here it is, a story about what happened to some poor sheeps in 1982, last time it snowed. Ysee sheeps are all woolly and white and cuddly, so when it's cold and snowy, they all go cuddling up together, but ysee they're so white and fluffy, and to be honest - not all that high on the iq front - that they end up snuggling together in white snowy fields, and don't even notice that much when snow starts to gather round their legs and up to their shoulders, they can't tell the snow from each other, so that farmers can end up finding what's known as a snow pig (or snow drift) in a field that used to have a herd of sheep, and it full of silly little popsicle puff balls of dead sheeps, all smothered in the snow. It's very sad really, isn't it? But I did warn ye...

One of my 5 things today - am grateful that I'll not a silly little sheep.

Oh and here's the much anticipated close up of the slippy pole, taken on foot while walking the last mile and a half to work this morning, having disowned and abandoned my disobedient and cantankerous car, whose clutch decided to stick on my way in and then later worked perfectly when driven by a man with a van... and he patted me on the head, and said "There there, little girl, off you go, aren't you cute..." - well actually he didn't, he was very tactful about it "We get this alot" he said. I'm grateful for that too.

And finally, something nice, a reward for reading down this far - a pic from the walk the mad pastel coloured snowy road in morning sun, yum.


swiss said...

the question needs to be asked - can you still chip them out and eat them?

Totalfeckineejit said...

MMM Donuts! Er I mean, Mmm pastel snow,i'm always getting those two mixed up.

Ps Is that a slippery pot Noodle beside the slippery pole.Perhaps it was too slippery to hold and eat(Not to mention too revolting to hold and eat.)

Niamh B said...

swiss - either that or set up in competition with Damien Hirst

TFE - it's the sugar frosting - easy mistake. C'mon!!!!! don't tell me you never thought a scene was so gorgeous you could eat it?!
It's a slippery coffee cup, happily not mine.

Totalfeckineejit said...

The lambs have had their chips so we'll have their chops.

Now I'm done.

Niamh B said...

Are you sure TFE? want fava beans?

God ye're so cruel - the poor sheeps

Dominic Rivron said...

Not come across the dead flocks of sheep before. The do die at the drop of a hat, though. People I know who farm them say there's no such thing as a sick sheep. They're either fighting fit or dead: very little in between.

Been having car-dramas here, too, on account of the snow.

Domestic Oub said...

Was traumatised today to realise my eldest child is the same age as I was in '82 and the last Great Snow in Eireann.

Saw frozen dead sheep on the news last night - am I bad for having found it slightly commical?

Poor Niamh's car. Clutches are bastards you know...

NanU said...

There's never a lack of great sheep stories!
I don't have a sheep story, but
I used to have a car (named The Evil Frog, incidentally) that got stuck in first gear all the time. All the time. To unstick it, had to get out (engine running), open the hood, reach way down through the dirty greasy car guts, and yank the lever into neutral. Worst was on the freeway, fast lane, rush hour, everybody slowed down to pass an accident, passed it and speeded up, and I couldn't get out of first. Had to cross four lanes of cars going real fast to get out of that one.

Niamh B said...

Hey Dominic - yes starting to think I might be making an igloo of my own afterall - that's interesting re the sheep, i know they do sometimes get lambing complications, from my school work experience with a Vet, which involved not one fluffy kitten or puppy. Most dissappointing.
Oub - that's Baaaaaaaad, and yes clutches are the car's equivalent of evil.
Wow NanU - think that one beats all my car adventures to date, feckin hell... that was one Evil Frog.

Titus said...

Unhappy sheep tale! I wonder if they try to take their fleeces off before they die, like mountaineers remove gloves and jackets?
Enough morbidness, the pastel shot is a beauty and reminded me, very much, of wind-carved sandstone near Mount Teide on Tenerife. Weird, but true.
Sorry about the clutch. I've just buggered-up my washing-machine and husband is attempting to fix it right now.