Friday, January 22, 2010

Non Confined Expression on the Radio

This week's guests on the Sunday Scrapbook are Damien Kinnerk and Paul Hendrick of Non Confined Expression fame.
Damien started the Non Confined Expression writing group to get people expressing themselves through the art of poetry. This led to an Open Mic Poetry Night in Raheny. The name of this was the Non-Confined Expression night.It was Paul's first Open Mic and he performed brilliantly along with other poets from the locality.
The second night was called 'Nurtured Expression!' The point of this night was to nurture the talents of the poets.
The last night was called 'Unchained Spirits.' and featured a host of local and not so local poets. They have both been published in the Migrating Minds anthology with the Bayside writers group. Damien has recited his poetry for Project 50 in aid of the Save Darfur Project. Paul recited his poems on the radio with the Bayside writers group.
They're passionate guys who write seriously touching poems about anything and everything and will be well worth a listen.

4pm Sunday Liffey Sound: bígí ag éisteacht...

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