Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 - the literary highlights

What did 2009 ever do for me? Writing wise - here's what happened

(by the way for anyone who might think this might be a generally informative post, about important literary things you can stop right here, this is just all about me me me)

1. Completed first revised draft of first novel, and wrote first draft of second novel - haven't reread 2nd one since writing, afraid that it's all a heap of junk - it's shorter than the first - only 60 k odd, as opposed to the 95 k in the first, so maybe it's just a novelleen or an overgrown short story - enjoyed having the regular practice anyway, have done nothing about showing them to anyone, they just aren't "there" quite yet.

2. Had great fun helping the boisterous and creative teens of Killinarden youth group writing their short play "Never judge a man by his Tashe" - a classic in it's own time.

3. Helped out at a couple of great writing kids and teens workshops in Clondalkin Library - book writing and heritage inspired art.

4. First attempts at reciting from memory at the Glór sessions, and listening & seeing the amazing talent on show there for too many weeks than could be considered healthy during the summer, leading to meeting some fab writers and performers... and some tired Tuesday mornings.

5. Volunteering at the Dublin Writer's Festival - again a highlight - getting to see some fine international talented writers, meeting a new hero of mine in writing - the really lovely and talented Julia O'Faoláin.

6. Volunteering at the Ottowa Tulip Festival - not that literary, but heck it got us in free to Christian Bok spouting gibberish live and in person, as well as a load of other fun things.

7. Performing with the fantastic Poetry Diva's collective - on main stage at Castlepalooza and on literary stage and in various little tents around and about Electric Picnic.

8. The Sunday Scrapbook - adventures in radio - a fun and terrifying experience, beginning with the brilliant Joan O'Flynn as my first guest.

9. Winning a place for my story in "Kay's Book" - first short story publication.

10. The outstanding success of the second annual "International put your poem in a shop month..." with actual real people besides myself taking part.

11. Also married a man - who can make such artistic and wonderful creations such as the following: "Miss McGovern's Poached Egg" - which has all but dissappeared in the time it took to upload the photo.


Lorenzo Lapis Lazuli said...

All in all, it sounds like a productive, fruitful and rewarding year on all fronts. All the best for 2010, Niamh B.

Niamh B said...

Can't call it boring anyway Lorenzo, thanks and likewise best of luck to yourself for the coming year

Domestic Oub said...

mmmmm, poached eggs...

Totalfeckineejit said...

That's quite some list, even without the 2 novels.TWO NOVELS ??? Like TWO NOVELS!! Brilliant stuff and married as well.But they all pale into insignificance beside the magnificence of that poached egg.Well done Mr VC, though he really should have got his own egg.Go maith!

Niamh B said...

Oub - I know, I'm so lucky.
TFE - it is, tires me out even looking at it, and that doesn't even include all the monday poems... which coincided by the way with a cessation of all work on all "so called" novels. You should have seen Ms McGovern's face... Go raibh maith agat.

Maura said...

The poached egge is a classic Niamh!

Maura said...

I hope you can see who this is now!