Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The key to happiness

I don't know if it's because it's a new year, but I've been looking at a fair few (2) self improvement talks on youtube lately - actually - one came from looking at the excellent Alchemist's Pillow Blog - (which is only started a little while, and makes this blog feel like an uninsightful, uninteresting loser, but in a good way)
Anyway - one videa suggests a tip for happiness being to list 5 things you're grateful for every day (puts you in a positive frame of mind yadda yadda - cheaper and more effective than prozac yadda yadda). I have been testing this out on your behalf, and it's kind of fun, cos you end up watching out for things to go on your list - one of todays is definitely going to be my page a day desk calender (which I have recieved today in recognition of my general brilliance and commitment in Work), with inspiring phrases like "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" and useful facts like "Today in 1933 - construction work began on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge" I'll never lose a table quiz again (mainly cos I'll be careful in future not to enter) Also regular featurers on my list are things like chocolate, beer, etc etc
What five things are you grateful for today?
(apart from this brilliant blog obviously)


Rachel Fox said...

Here's a close-to-home 5 things to be grateful for:
1. Central heating that works
2. Washing machine (ditto)
3. Shower (again the same)
4. Nobody in the house is ill
5. ...what to pick...could go outside the house for this one...no, run out of ideas...outside of house it gets more complicated...

Uiscebot said...

1. family
2. health
3. opportunities
4. friends
5. good looking workmates and ugly ones who do a good job of providing a benchmark, a cut-off point if you will.
6. Blogs asking to list things in fives

NanU said...

1. chocolates
2. cats
3. coffee
4. blogging
5. trees covered in snow

Totalfeckineejit said...

1) My genius
2) My handsome good looks
3) My Castle
4) My Astom Martin DB9
5) Germolene

Domestic Oub said...

1) 60 Minute Makeover
2) Room To Improve
3) To Buy or Not to Buy
4) My leather recliner.
5) Kids who can make their own lunch.

Niamh B said...

I'm grateful for you five commenters!!!

(I crack me up sometimes)

Nice ones - Rachel - you can take one of Uisce's since he took one too many. Uisce - you do know all your colleagues read my blog? No more chats at the water cooler for you (with the ugly ones anyway). NanU - a great list of lovelies - with a seasonal slant. TFE - you forgot your incredible modesty. Oub - I suspect it's all the yrs of training that you have to thank for your no. 5, so good for you.

Bill said...

1. Human company
2. Warmth
3. Chocolate
4. Leisure time
5. A bicycle

I've never watched self improvement videos on Youtube. Plenty of this kind of thing, though.


Niamh B said...

Have to say I'm most grateful for that link Bill! It's going on todays list for definite.
Ungrateful I don't have a microwave to play with though!

Jessica said...

I know I'm late but who cares.

1. Chocolate chip cookies with oats. Mmmm.
2. My cat who chews on my zipper when I least expect it. (Just kidding, I expect it.)
3. Light. Especially slanty afternoon light.
4. Down comforters in an apartment with no heat.
5. Lovely comments on my blog. (No hint intended there, Niamh, although I do notice you've been absent lately. Am I not keeping up my end of the bargain enough?)

Niamh B said...

Hey Jessica, great list there - especially no. 3 - that'll be on mine one of the days, and rest assured that comments or no, I always enjoy your photos, so do keep up the good work!!!