Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too Many DJs

Not content with bursting onto the blogworld, Mr VC hosted his first radio show yesterday evening on Radió na Life.

You can catch it here.

We are the new posh and becks, or bert and ernie, or bonnie and clyde, or salt and pepper, or sonny and cher, or something

Thanks too for the overwhelming response to the "International put your poem in a shop" campaign, kicking off in a shop near you soon. I have a quiet kind of feeling, I don't want to say it, but it seems like it's going to be even more of a (miserable failure) roaring success than last year - more of last years escapades can be seen here.
The in-home poem test on this week's poem has gone very well and we are ready for full upscaling to launch.


Titus said...

Niamh, I'm in! A small village in South West Scotland (admittedly only two shops) will not know what's hit it.

Rachel Fox said...

I'd love to do a poem in shop. Haven't had chance this week so far but will try and think of something/get it done.

Niamh B said...

Titus - very brave! Can't wait to see the results
Thanks Rachel - I really look forward to see what you'll do with it!

beedlemama said...

wow - radio tastic! I love it - what is his blog btw?

Niamh B said...

he's over at http://unfleeep.blogspot.com

it's in pure Gaeilge, I'm trying to talk him into a little bit of translation to give it more mass market appeal, so watch that space...