Thursday, December 17, 2009

About the House

A Mini Tour of some little things around the house currently that I like
1. Tiny Glittery Santa. Older than me, perhaps responsible for my life long love of glitter, this is my favourite decoration ever, he's been chewed by me and the dog I once loved and lost, as well as often ousting the baby from the crib we had when I was young. Shown here next to a normal sized Santa for perspective.
2. Upside down heart framed Wedding Picture. This is a frame that we got as a present from our lovely neices and nephew the day before our wedding. We never put our own picture in it, preferring instead the people we don't know who are far better looking, and are pretending to be getting married. The important bit is the two leaves from the hedge in our front garden in the frame which have, written on them, personal messages written from the gift givers. A gorgeous thing. I spend hours looking at it thinking - one day I'll make it so the hearts are the right way up...
3. Stairs Art. We have yellow painted wooden stairs. On their own they'd be boring and ugly. With a gift of an art calender the Christmas we moved in, we transformed them week by week, into a mini gallery that we can admire on our way up and down.


Totalfeckineejit said...

THank feck you had the 'normal sized santa' for perspective, your hand clearly wasn't enough.The strange thing is the last 'normal sized santa' I saw in actual life was about 5 ft 10 and eighteen if your 'normal sized santa' is of equal dimensions that means your hand is probably the size of a small car and as uiscebot remarked somewhere you must be 50 ft tall.

By the way them yellow stairs look lethal, do you have to wear(giant sized) safety equipment to negotiate them ?

swiss said...

the stairs - a great idea! it makes me want to rip my carpet up!

NanU said...

Ah, that's how big Santas normally are. I guess they can in fact fit down chimneys, though how they manage to lug sacksful of presents around is the new mystery. I've got elves on my tree this year, and they could take your Santa out, any time.
Cool stairs! When my friend had a big open stairway into her loft, we decorated it with several pictures of fish, and in the last photo some very satisfied cats.

Have a good weekend!

Niamh B said...

TFE - It's the recession - Santa's have been downsized... The stairs are a bit difficult, we have to wear art goggles to stop ourselves being distracted and stopping half way up and looking at a pic for 5 minutes and saying aloud "why am I going upstairs again?"
Swiss - do!!! please do, and share the results.
NanU - What my little santa lacks in size he makes up for in cunning and skill, being 2000 years older than your elves, just saying like.
Fish stairs sound cool - you have a good weekend as well!!

Niamh B said...

My mother has just confirmed Santa's date of birth was 1975...