Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarah O'Reilly AND Ailín O'Dea on the Radio

This week the theme we are taking is "Women Writers." My guest is not one, but two women, one a writer, and one a keen reader, Ailín O'Dea and Sarah O'Reilly.
Ailín is originally from Limerick, but has been a native inner city Dub for the past 5 years, she writes mostly poetry, and achieved a special mention this year in the prestigious Dromineer festival competition with her poem "Between Jobs".
Sarah is a scientist originally from Co Clare, she is a relatively recent arrival to Dublin having spent the best part of her 20s in Cork City, and escapes the scientific life with regular ravenous reading - she delights in fiction of all kinds, and loves to talk about books.

These girls are not only eloquent and entertaining but I am lucky to count them among my dearest (up to 20p an hour) friends, I love them both to bits, and I think you will too....

4pm - this Sunday - Liffey Sound - link on the right - there's no excuse to miss it

By the way - this
International Put your Poem in a Shop Month
thing is getting MEGA famous - click here to see it mentioned on Poetry Friday... Get in now! While you still can, you can say you were at the cutting edge before it got popular! (and don't forget to tell us about it)

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