Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Return of Weekly Wednesday

We haven't had it for over a month, but now it's back, weekly Wednesday. Here for today, and most of tomorrow, meteorologists reckon it will be here till at least 5pm.

(Anyone who says I've run out of ideas for blogposts, or haven't managed to get out and plant another poem in a shop might be right and they might be right... the christmas cards/ presents are beginning to get on top of me, but I can report that the tree is now properly dressed, though I'm starting to maybe see why my parents turfed it out 12 years ago... all the mismatched bits of it that seemed charming and quaint when i first dragged it to my digs in cork, now just seem kind of mismatched)

See Emerging Writer's blog for the latest poem in a shop shenanigans!!!!

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