Monday, December 28, 2009

GAA Dinner Dance - An Inside Report

Tulsk GAA club were celebrating historical wins at their Christmas Dinner Dance, the county cup of 25 and 50 years past. Mr VC's Dad being one of the primary movers and shakers of 59, the family were there in force, and it was a great night, and excuse to get to meet all the legends of the locality. For Mr VC it was like catching up on an old favourite soap, as the names were called, old tales told, and heros of his youth collected their medals. The wild man Doc - who could fit an entire team in his "crock" of a car, Mr E who could take you to a match on Sunday, and you'd be lucky to return by Wednesday, and best of all the man who broke his leg during a game but continued his staunch defence jumping high with the one remaining good leg, to safegaurd the net from any invasion - reminding me somewhat of this guy.
A lovely 3 course dinner, and great conversation (which I have been strictly warned is not blogging material, though it was extremely interesting I can assure you), followed by the slalom back over icy Rosland roads at 3am. It was hard to decide which was worse - the slushy ice roads - with definite tracks that you could stick to sliding on, while the base of the car was scrubbed by the median mountain of snow, or - the glassy ice roads - wider and smooth but perfectly shined, so that you got the feeling that the merest slip would launch you into the nearest icy turlough. It was beautiful though - the entire landscape shining in the moon's glow with blue lacy trees throughout.


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the watercats said...

Don't talk to me about icy roads!!! We haven't been into town since christmas eve and even then we could have died! Evey road into town is a steep hill, complete with a layer of about three inches of ice, add that to the fact there are skew bridges every half mile and it makes for a long trip. It's lovely.. but it gets very boring after a few days!
Hope you had a great x-mas, sending good things for your new year! cheers!

Niamh B said...

Indeed TFE
Watercats, really sorry to hear that, hope you have enough provisions to keep ye going... and lots of toys and things to keep ye from going insane.
Happy new year to you too! Here's to the tennies!