Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey Now

Only 2 days left of International put your poem in a shop month! Get your skates on (maybe literally in some cases), get the camera out, get me photos of poems in shops!! (I get demanding around the 29th Dec, see last year for more details, set up a shop in your house if needs be)
Another nice idea is from TFE's stable of brilliance, the festival of light - click here for more... I'll certainly be joining in, though I might not post the list publicly.
In other news, I'm a tad scared about this Sunday, when Oub will be playing Parky with me being my own guest on the radio, I'm quite terrified and intimidated by all the brilliant, eloquent guests I've already had on, that my own waffle will sound a bit... well... waffly by comparison, but sure I'll try, for the high amusement of all lucanlanders, before resuming normal service with some very exciting guests coming up in the new year.
And another thing - this new decade that's taking off in just a few days... what'll we call it? My answer - the tennies... cast your votes now.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Why didn't you interview yourself on the radio? Thanks for the plug and I have taken your idea to the near zenith by placing three whole copies of The SHOp (on strings) in a shop. (A coffe shop)One has been stolen but two remain and photographic evidence will be produced anon.Pip pip!

Niamh B said...

Hi TFE - The idea did cross my mind, especially since the theme is duplicity in the writer, but I feared I might be accused of going too easy on myself, and that the show would suffer the lack of back and forthness that it has so far been famous for.
That is lovely about the SHOp in a shop, with your poem in it too, definitely meets the requirements, sorry one was stolen though :( Do make sure to get your photo up soon - YAY!