Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Great Glór

So, the last night in August, end of an era, last August Glór session of the decade, and another great night was had by all.
First thing that really wowed me was David Kelliher's cartoonish philosophers song, I felt trapped in a surreal bubble while he sang, genius. He's doing a charity song for christmas which he gave us part of (for Niall Melon's townships), as well as a song as gaeilge.. SWOON. I really go for that you know. (ok I'm being kinda facetious - but with hubby off for another stint in the gaeltacht next week, this time to study, it seems Irish is getting to be a bigger and bigger fact of life).
Then Elba/ Enda/ Elder Roche came on. Blew everyone away with Tom Waits/ Leonard Cohenish sound, fantabulous lyrics and cool and easy way about him. Could have listened to him all night, but as it was, was really happy he played an extended set of 5 songs.
There was a troupe of poets called "Unconfined Expression" headed by the talented Damo Kinnerk, whose earnest delivery and really great honest and thought provoking words would have been mind blowing enough. But on top of all that, they have the name of their group tatooed on their arms. That's right - tattooed - like really, and forever. Talk about suffering for your art. I think Lucan writers might all some day wear the same colour bracelet, or we could; I mean, if we were feeling really committed, we could all wear blue nail varnish at the same time, but I know the boys among us would probably protest. Plus I'd have to remove it for work, too much hassle.
There was a brilliant pair of young fellas, (they haven't named their band yet, so you can't pin this one on me) one with a double bass, who had a kooky off beat kind of sound, really interesting.
Another highlight of the night was when the long haired barman read a poem. It was weird, I had only been looking at him earlier thinking, how he must love or hate working here every Monday night. So glad it's the former. And his poem wasn't half bad, a funny one about him liking a tall girl (it's obviously me, i'm tall, AND i'm a girl)
As usual - the friendly vibe of the place meant new acquantances were made too, we were chatting to a singer songwriter called Aidan, who was back for his second ever gig after a few years break from the music, the first gig back was last week, where Stephen James Smith had spotted him. He was v engaging, should probably consider pure comedy on it's own, and was a very nice chap to talk to as well. There was a lovely other young fella with curly hair there too, who recognised me from a previous time, and told me he liked my poems, that there was no bullshit in them, so of course that kind of made my night.
Almost forgot the guy who played in amazingly dazzling style who actually moved the Kappo on the guitar mid playing, and had some lovely lyrics as well, there's some insane talent in this country.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Sounds like another boss night out.Did ye get up? Were the Roches a trio?Not sure about the tattoo thing, I had TFE tattoed on my forehead and I have to say it doesn't look great.Handy if you forget who you are though.

Uiscebot said...

I'd do the blue nail varnish thing if it was on my toes. We could be like a guerrilla group, a sleeper cell of dangerous writers waiting for the order to strike! What to strike with and what to strike though, is another thing altogether.

Niamh B said...

Hi TFE - it was cool, didn't get up meself, since I was only up last week, and monday poem notwithstanding wouldn't have had enough new material. The Roches were in fact one guy, but with 3 possible names. Did you get that tatto in mirror writing? or did you have to have people read it out for you?
Uiscebot - we'll know your guerrila blog group once we get their socks off then!!

the watercats said...

oh bugga!.... Elder was playing in A town near us last night and we were going to try and see him... but the rain, lack of baby sitter etc meant we couldn't... bum!
Sounds like you had a great night!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Watercats for clarifying the name, and yeah it was a good night, I'm a big fan of Elder's. He's really brilliant - pity you missed him, am sure he'll be around again.