Monday, August 31, 2009

Impatience - the monday poem

This wasn't really supposed to be done until 7pm, but I couldn't wait, no patience in me when it comes to these things...

Check TFE's blog for details - here goes. 5 mins of creativity.

Work Spaces
In corridor
creak of mop in bucket,
wet on floor,
forehead a powdered
back aches with it -
and sloshalong it goes, wet day, inside and out.
A sluggalong, gluggalong kind of a thing
Belly full at the desk, while pointy and grumpy slog it out upstairs
The kid says he is going to a debs tomorrow
It hits me then, how young, how long ago when I was there,
how far away I am
yet I'm only next door


Titus said...

Niamh - you managed to conjure a feeling in 5 minutes. That's pretty special.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Some interesting stuff/good things going on in there Mrs reads best I think in one go like it was (presumably) written,Thanks a million for joining in.

Emerging Writer said...

Love that Sloshalong - sounds like my belly when I've drunk a gallon of tea

NanU said...

I like it!

the watercats said...

man.. I know that feeling!.. the realising age thing... loved this, it's got an easy, sneakingly deep thing going on. :-)

Domestic Oub said...

"and sloshalong it goes, wet day, inside and out.
A sluggalong, gluggalong kind of a thing"

Love these lines :)

Any hey, you think you're old - wait till you're my age..

Niamh B said...

Titus, Tks a mill, was impressed with yours too.
TFE - Tks you too - lookin forward to nxt weeks task, already scoping for victims, I mean subjects.
EW - I know, just that weird gurgly sound - loved your 5 min poem too.
NanU - Tks - very kind
Watercats - tks a mill, so sneakily deep I didn't even spot it myself.
Oub - yeah, you're ancient. and thanks :-)