Monday, August 3, 2009

Poetry is the new going out

Here's "Man and Superman" hoping the sun would last all weekend
Here he is on the "Road Trip" - eyeing the clouds pensively, his earlier optimism quickly evaporating.

He grabbed a prime spot early on, determined to show himself to the public as advantageously as possible. People were very impressed.

Turned out our tent is an antique - barely used since my brother's leaving cert trip - the eye catching (perhaps literally) health and safety risking pointy sharp ends drew a large and admiring crowd. (The spike was a handy place to keep the empty Champagne bottle.)

We set "Man and Superman" the task of minding our free case of Band Beer - who said poetry doesn't pay? - a job he excelled at.

Our first performance was in the ballroom of the castle, a salubrious location, and our fabulous Audient member was very appreciative, she was joined by another 3 or 4 appreciative folk, along with the people stuck there for work reasons, who were listening intently, an intimate gig.

Here's "Man and Superman" relaxing in the green room - note famous band types being interviewed in the background. He got us into all the best parties.
On the Sunday we decided The Poetry Divas needed a bigger venue than the ballroom, we asked the organisers could we do our bit on the main stage - we actually needed half an hour in the first aid tent to recover when they said yes...
Time went by, second by gut wrenching second, until finally - genius DJ Rob slowed the music, to just the right tempo, got everyone into Poetry form, and then we took to the Stage.
Every inch the rockers, we had a suitably laid back, 2.30 on a Sunday evening, slightly bleary but appreciative crowd, the weather held up, we had microphones, the camp site is so near the main stage that even the dozers could hear us. I had a bit of audience participation with a child helpfully screaming at the first line of Techno Tribes - demonstrating that children do indeed scream, we even had some crusty roadies to the side of the stage shouting up "One more Poem" at the end. It was fairly cool.
Here's a kinda creepy pic of us - taken by the lead singer of Killer Chloe, in the green room of the castle, our faces didn't really come out - it could of been sun, or it might've been the fact that the castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted in Europe, we only found that out last night on wikipedia.
The best new discovery in terms of bands was "Project Jenny, Project Jan" link here, saw them twice over the weekend, energetic amazing band, we all bought their cd. They were class.
It was fairly rockin good fun, had a blast of a weekend with the Divas and our very own "il Divo" extraordinaire. Thanks to "Man and Superman" for accompanying us on our mission - the weekend wouldn't have been the same without him - keep an eye on Total Feckin Eejit's blog to see where he's gonna end up next!! - (An Art in the Community initiative by TFE 2009 Inc.)


Domestic Oub said...

Oh! So bitter! Why, oh why didn't I didnt stay for Project Jenny, Project Jan, the second time??? Like, they're from New York, when am I likely to see them again? They truly are the best band ever.

Drama Queen said...

Delighted that the Terrific Trio not only survived but enjoyed their Experiment Extrordinaire and lived to tell the tale.

swiss said...

is that your gold dress?

i like man and superman. i may have to invite them here

Emerging Writer said...

Sequins and wellies rule. Can it get any better? A box of beer, cakes and champagne as well as the main stage. The main stage I say again. My kids are so astonished, I mean proud.

Niamh B said...

DO - I'll invite them onto the radio show to do somethin acapello - that'd be cool no? thinking big - could get to be an annoying habit now.
DQ - Thanks a mill, and tks for the supportive txt!
Swiss - That was my 2 gold dresses if you look carefully, I still haven't found the dratted 3rd one, could have done a costume change mid one of the gigs if I had it. Put your name down with TFE - deffo worth getting him in.
EW - I'm still pretty astonished myself - Diva Power!!!

beedlemama said...

Main stage - I salute you all, wow! Well done! You all look great too - looks like an amazing weekend!

Uiscebot said...

Who was the one who thought to ask for the main stage? Great idea. Fair play to you all. That's the biggest crowd any poet I know has ever done. Well Impressive!

Niamh B said...

Thanks BM, it really was - deffo a highlight of my literary career so far.
Thanks Uisce, if I was being a real diva now I'd say it was all my idea and it was all down to me, me, me... but it was truly a team effort that started as a slightly drunken musing on the Saturday evening, then we all egged each other on all morning Sunday, till we all got the courage to go up together into the backstage area and act all confident and get the gig... then as I say we almost fell over when they said yes, it was cool though and people did seem to like it. Poetry to the People!

the watercats said...

Looks and sounds like you had an absolute ball!... sorry it took so long to come round to your place, and thanks a million for the mention!... I'm going to have to keep an eye out for ye lot! all the best!

Niamh B said...

Hi Watercats,
Yep we really did, and yeah - keep an eye out - you haven't heard the last of us!!!

*shakes fist pitifully*

And better late than never :-)