Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Day

I'm on the subversive committee for organising Fun Day. Since two of us in the subversive fun day committee live in this house, we thought the first meeting of the subversive fun day committee should happen here. This meant tidying, and digging biscuits out of cupboards and buying milk, and having the options of tea or coffee or peppermint tea or decaff coffee freely available, along with their attendant accessories, ie sugar. Here's where the problem lay. We don't eat alot of sugar in this house (yeah we're sweet enough - before you ask, yawn), anyway the sugar we do have is there so long it has deformed and reformed (from the many little itty bitty granules, that are normally so handy to use and dissolve) into a big, tougher than enamel lump of white - which almost broke the foodblender a couple of weeks ago when we tried using it to free up some sweetness... so last night ten minutes to show time, ie before the neighbours all called over to sample our hospitability... I remembered the sugar... then had to grind it up the old fashioned way, pestle and mortar. Nearly crushed my fingers in the process, and ended up with something that was half dust - half tooth breakingly sharp hard nuggets.... It was suitably subversive and suitably fun. And that's the most exciting thing that has happened in my life in the past 24 hours.


Drama Queen said...

Sounds Fun!
Obviously the whol project will be great.

Niamh B said...

Thanks DQ - hopefully twill be