Thursday, August 13, 2009

Radio Gaga

So I thought I'd share with you the plan to date for the radio show - still v much under development so comments welcome.
It's to be called "The Sunday Scrapbook" but my unofficial name for it will be "Dreams, Scenes and Themes" - I like having unofficial names for things.
Anyway - the plan is that I will have a GUEST writer:

Guest will pick a theme.
Guest is introduced to the listener(s?) and a bit of discussion around their writing journey so far, (esp if they haven't been on before - but because it's theme based I envision some repeat visits), and why they picked the theme that they did.
Guest reads some of their stuff along the theme and possibly some stuff belonging to other poets/ writers that they like along the theme also.
Guest picks music/ comedy clips (or whatever else) off youtube to go with the theme.
There will be a writing news slot - with some mention of upcoming deadlines/ competitions/ readings coming up.
Then we move on to solve the problems of the world with the guest, by asking them PROBING QUESTIONS.... as I said before - open to all help with coming up with these.
Finally - possibly during the last piece of music we may try a random writing exercise, maybe getting people at home to join in if they wish (idea just occuring to me, I could set up a blog, and listeners could put their responses in the comment box and we could read em out! hmmm - will only do that for the live ones then maybe - or else we could do it anyway and everyone can read the results after - feedback on that idea please? sounds good in my head, but might be rubbish)
So that's the plan as we stand, possibly will get two writers in betimes, if they have a similar theme, which reminds me - anyone already signed up to come in as a guest, can you get the theme to me, or I will randomly assign it to you and you will have to work around it. "Cats at Christmas", "Sliced cheese v's blocks", "Staplers - Friend or Foe?", and "Icecream" are just some of the ones that you might end up with, if you're not careful.
Haruki M - If you're reading this - yes I'd love to have you on the show but can't fit you in until November...

Off to the west now for a Wedding and day off work tomorrow - yippee!!! See ye back when I can...


Totalfeckineejit said...

I think it's a great idea for a radio show and I'm loking forward to it.Comments read out might be a good idea, bit like Jack Dee at the Apollo.As for cats at christmas I prefer Turkey, thank you.

Dublin Dave said...

Sounds very creative and original - as ever!

Drama Queen said...

The station has a Twitter Line - maybe you could use that for comments?

Niamh B said...

Thanks TFE & DD, I hope it'll be enjoyable.
Hi DQ - deffo would use the twitter line for comments, but was just thinking for the random writing excercise - people could do it live into the comment box, and read each other's efforts straight away, might be fun, and a nice record to have too, was thinking I'd put up a quick bio of the guest for the week ahead of time, and indicate the comment box would be for use during the exercise. (I do sound like a teacher whenever I try to organise anything don't I? Can't help it really)

Matt Bolton said...

You could also get people to suggest questions for the guest using the twitter feed or the blog. Make it all interactive and such

Niamh B said...

Yep, there's a mobile number for texts as well, it'll be a veritible hub of communal communicability, should be fairly fun.