Monday, August 17, 2009

Imagination Gym

After listening to my RADIO SHOW next weekend you should head on into the

Free Imagination GYM Family Workshops

Children (6-10yrs) and adults

“The Enchanted Forest” audio program brings the listener on a journey into the imaginative world of folklore, nature, animals, music, dreams and wishes. Children and adults will learn to stretch their imagination muscles and have fun taking positive action on creativity through art activities.

Places on each workshop strictly limited to 10 children and accompanying adults and adults must stay for the workshop.

The workshops will be run in 4 languages:

*English * Irish *Finnish *German

Date: Sunday 23rd August

Times: 12pm-3pm

12pm-12.45pm (English)

12.45-1.30pm (Finnish)

1.30pm-2.15pm (Gaeilge)

2.15-3pm (German)

Venue: Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre

12 East Essex Street

Temple Bar

Dublin 2

Pre-Booking available:

ImaginationGYM® 01-6753522 and

Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre 01- 8883610 or call in to book.

In other news - I was not that drunk on Saturday night last, the bouncer really did look good in that moustache.

Also - folding up 200 funday leaflets does not just take 5 minutes, as I would have previously imagined.

Also - cats lovers check out the following

Engineers guide to cats <-- link there

Also - another kind of Gym - for those of you allergic to exercise of brain or body.... link here

Also - I have been spending too much time on youtube lately...


Totalfeckineejit said...

Could I have a free imagination late licence bar instead ?

Niamh B said...

You can, you can have free imagination anything now that you think of it.

swiss said...

finnish? is there a finnish-irish connection of which i'm as yet unaware?

and where is the link to this radio show of which you speak?

i promised myself i'd use 'of which' three times....

Niamh B said...

No Finnish connection really, but Mr VC will be introducing the irish session to the crowd, had a little go of the cd last night, it's really very good, positive and relaxing.

The link is under my blog list somewhere - it's called liffey valley sound, but will only be me on Sundays from 11-12, starting this Sunday OMG!!!

Fair play to you on keeping promises to yourself