Friday, September 4, 2009

Matt Bolton on the Radio

So this weekend it's the turn of Matt Bolton of Matt Bolton's World View fame to take us on a guided tour of his theme, the rather welcoming, comfortable and reassuring theme of Home. Matt's original home is not in fact Dubland, so this adds an extra layer or dimension if you will to the whole thing. He's also reading only poetry (which is brilliant), a first for the show (not the brilliance the poetrycentricity), which will lend itself to a wider range of music being played - no "Home on the Range" or "Take me home" though... to find out his actual musical selection, you'll just have to tune in on the day. 11.00 as usual, Sunday morning - Liffey Sound - link on the right hand side there somewhere.

Other than that, I am re-embarking on part two of my attempt to go the picnic today, spent 3 hours in a woody field in laois yesterday, getting accreditation, parking the car, hauling a giant 5 man tent around for miles, then attempting to put up said tent in the dark, without having instructions, before giving up at 11.00, and getting home to dubland by 12.20 for a night of home comforts... At least we know where everything is today, though it will be busier and even muddier, we will have practised putting up the tent in my very own back yard before departure too.

Yesterday also marked a new low in my poetry reciting career by the way... I was sitting in the canteen at my volunteering, being sociable, telling people how poetry is the key to getting in free to big expensive events, when they asked me, casually now - to give em an aul poem. I got so embarrassed and out of breath when I actually tried that it was a mercy after a few lines that I went completely blank, and they said "ah no, sure have your tea, it's grand..." Main Stage - here I come!!

HERE's the podcast of the marvellous Matt.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Looking forward to the next poetry radio extravaganza.So funny about your canteen poetry recital,it will be grand on the big stage some of us need a few thousand people gawking at us to perform.(when I say 'us' I don't mean 'me', I mean a universal 'us' all of 'yous'.I nevber leave the confines of the castle for safety reasons.Anyways good luck and take my best friend, Nancy whiskey, with you she's great for relaxin the vocals!

the watercats said...

hahahaha!.. don't i know that feeling!.. whilst singing, I often throw a complete blank when I notice people actually watching. My ploy is to just stop playing.. say nothing.. look blank and bewildered.. wait till it comes back then start playing from where you left off... No'one wil ever notice!.. (that much). Good luck!

Drama Queen said...

Good job you blanked. Think of the voice you saved for the REALLY IMPORTANT presentation!
Good luck with the electrics - and enjoy. (Hope the tent stays up!)

beedlemama said...

Loved you and Matt and particularly the moments of stifled giggles! excellent song choices too - inspiring stuff

Niamh B said...

Tks TFE, managed not to freeze, even on the bit "literary" stage, so that was cool. Am in agreement, it's prob just that I'm a crowd poet, no more intimate gigs from now on, not even going to talk to anyone one to one anymore - except on the radio - cos then lots of people hear ya.
See watercats, what annoys me is ye musicians can totally get away with it by just strummin away until the words eventually come back... Cheeky out.
DQ - on the bright side at least they'll never ask me to read again, nor will they ever lend me their 5 man tent, unless I do some serious sewing, power washing etc before giving it back.
Thanks Beedlemama - Matt was great wasn't he? His poems are really strong, and yeah - the musical choices are always fun!!!