Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Weekend

So Fun Day happened in the blistering sun of the Saturday. It was pretty good. There are more kids in our estate than there are daisies, and it turns out that many of them have a serious addiction to bouncing on inflatable devices.

There was home cooked grub from several of the various nationalities in the place, there were fake tattoos, gingerbread men being lovingly decorated and mercilessly wolfed down. There were balloons, there was me throwing bags of jellies for the scavengers, the kids becoming my long lost best friend, searching for me and my bag of sweets for up to an hour at a time. There was a bout of tug of war, which we (the rest of the estate) managed to win against the home crowd (the folks who live on the green).

There was drinking and merry making on the green later, with the kiddies still running about in pyjamas like sugared up zombies. There was singing, and discovery after discovery of the amazing people that live near us. People with crazy stories, thought provoking conversations and much hilarity.

Then there was Sunday. I was in early to babysit the computer, as promised. Got to sit in and be the “sound” woman for a really interesting show presented by Colm Grogan, learned a thing or two from his great interview skills, and found his guest’s story about his life with MS really inspiring.

Had a lot of quality time with family members, parents fresh off a plane, uncles, aunts, granny etc.

Picked up our bold picture, which I will fervently ignore until himself comes back and we’ll take it out of the plastic together.

Anyway – that’s the craic with me, haven’t written anything new for a while, so I’m gonna put this up now, and try to do that darned TFE exercise in time for tomorrow – the pressure!!


Lily Sheehan said...

Glad you had a fun weekend - good luck with the challenge

Niamh B said...

tks - resulting pile of something - posting here soon!