Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad weather fan

So today, meself and Mr VC watched the rather, slightly promising first half of the big game. Ok, we didn't actually watch it, instead we watched Micháel on the live stream from RTE commentating on it, with the tv on in the corner, Micháel was about 5 seconds behind the action on TV, but that was alot better than him being ahead. God it was slick to watch him though. The man is a genius, multitasking like crazy, filling the airwaves with constant colourful descriptions, stories about the players, the girl sitting to his left eagle eyed pointing out the players names on the sheet as the ball was passed, he'd glance down the odd second to double check a name and there it'd be at the end of her biro, never missed a beat. The guy on his left ready to jump in whenever Micháel would turn to him meaningfully leading him to comment while he had a sip of his tea. It was like watching a squirrel dancing in the tree tops, his agile leaps and confident jumps throughout, amazing.
Then it was break time, and meself and himself went in opposite directions. Me into the city just in time to join a pub full of Kerrymen, who cheered as their leaders grasped the cup, and danced on the table. Him back West to study the art of translation.
Met up with two of my buddies and went to see "500 days of summer" - really loved it, a quirky pic with lots of lovely little touches which I think will keep me returning to it years from now. One of my friends thought it was boring, shallow and was actually squirming with embarrassment for the characters. My other friend thought it was alright. We all agreed it was the best sound track we'd heard in a while.
Coming out of the cinema, the crowds in red and green were still milling about, the whole of O'Connell street smelling like an aul man's pub. People shouting friendly jibes all over the place. All of this after a great morning's work with Beedlemama. Not a bad day at all at all.
(though no, I didn't wear the jester's hat in town - for those of you who wonder about such things)

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