Monday, July 27, 2009

Things that might t'amuse

4 random (possibly entertaining) things from the lovely weekend in France.

1. Bad but entertaining menu translation - "Cheese Assortment and Freezes with the Goats Expenses" - the whole menu read fairly poetically.
- made funnier by the snooty waitress that was serving with the most all superior attitude possible to actually have without bursting.

2. Spirits that are not for Pregnant women - the little round sticker seen on the third and fourth bottles in this little selection is actually a silhouette of a pregant woman with a line through it. The funny thing was the other 3 liquers with up to 38% alchohol which apparently are perfectly safe for you and the little 'un.

3. Famous five type secret doorways and fake bookcases - straight out of a scooby doo cartoon - the entire top row of books is curling outwards - worst fake books ever, but the rest were real in all fairness.

4. Well trained trees - thought these were actually growing in this shape - but I can be stoopid like that, but saw some younger ones tied to sticks - mystery of the L shape solved.


Rachel Fox said...

France is full of terribly translated signs...I think they do it on purpose to make English look ridiculous and pointless.

Niamh B said...

Probably - it is pretty entertaining though.

Drama Queen said...

Vive La France - I admit to being a Francophile. Converted after the first meal I had there years and years ago! (never tried whatever the goat contributed though, thank goodness!)

Niamh B said...

They do know how to cook, apart from the crepe complet bought rashly at a tourist trap, never asked what complet meant, there was just a hint of a snigger from the waitress when she presented me with the rubbery pastry topped with a whole raw egg, uugughghgh...