Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm quick off the mark when it comes to recognising something crap that I do, and I think yesterday's idea was fairly crap, as ideas go.
Reasons blog piracy will never take off:
1. Too much work for your readers, too distracting, when you click into the other blog you get drawn to their far better content, and the comment blog just jars and looks out of place and foolish.
2. It feels rude, being on someone else's blog, and being all about your own thing, it's like walking straight into their sitting room and demanding dinner.
3. You can't have pictures - unless you put a pic up on your own blog and encouraged people to split screen - which would be too much work - see point 1.
4. You can't edit, so those prone to mistakes have to leave em up there forever or have a silly "comment deleted by author" note up there - either way very unsatisfying.
5. Too much work for the blogger, pasting your work over, doing links blah blah blah - life is way too short
6. It would get too irritating, people would eventually block pirate commenters completely, and there's enough irritation in the world.

So normal service resumes: until the next experiment - leaving a long, impassioned, well crafted comment on the subject of a blog post fourteen posts back on the latest blog - to see what the reaction of the blogger is...


Drama Queen said...

Nil Desperandum, Various. Your own blogs are far too good to dilute them by posting elsewhere.
And what would I do for my morning 'fix' of your latest escapade?
Be fair to your followers. Keep posting, entertaining and educating. We'd be lost without you.

Niamh B said...

Shucks, thanks DQ - I'll buy you a cake for that one...

Jessica said...

If I leave a compliment here too, can I have some cake as well?

I already made tea, just need something to go with it.

You're so beautiful, Various. And your prose is okay too.

(Good enough?)

Niamh B said...

Sure thing Jessica, tho it'd be nothing but crumbs by the time it'd wing it's way all the way over there... But thanks anyhoo, it's nice recieving compliments even if they only come with a request for cake. I had a lovely eclair earlier

Totalfeckineejit said...

Now, now, Mrs Niamh,don't be hard on yourself, don't go labelling your venture a 'failure' Think of it more as a really bad idea that went disasterously wrong.

And by the way SAMSONITE, Sssh! say nothing the pixies are coming

Totalfeckineejit said...

Nb 'disasterous' is sort of like disastrous only worse,according to Guiney's Book of Bollix.

Niamh B said...

I used to like the actor Jack Black cos I thought he played for the pixies, then discovered I actually know hardly any of his films, and now I don't know how I feel about him anymore.
But thanks anyway