Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shoulda Squashed 'em

Despite Adrian Mitchell's beautiful poem of a few weeks ago, my suspicions have been raised regarding the integrity of character present in general in the Irish snail population.
The other week (link here) I caught 2 snails making for my car, and now, just the other night, the car having spent a few hours too many in a railway station car park - look what happened.

This snail was clearly up to no good, and stole aboard for a free lift all the way out to Lucland. I was too afraid to take any action, obviously there's alot of big snail families around Dubland, alot of em hiding in the bushes of my front garden, but the drive must have disturbed him anyway, as I recovered my car the next morning safe and sound.. but I have to wonder how widespread is this problem? Has any one else suffered from snail intimidation of late? Leave a comment anonymously if you are too afraid to speak openly - you're among friends here.


Drama Queen said...

Aha, that's the Westside Invaders!
Marching up the garden path they were, after a shower last night (a rain shower, I havent allowed them use of the bathroom yet). Four of them, condiments strapped to their backs as they approched my six carrots struggling for life in their flowerpot. Silently they slithered towards me, then stopped and just stood (lay, sprawled) and stared from their floppy drooling mouths. I took evasive action and whipped the flower pot inside. Can't see them this morning, but I know they are there!

beedlemama said...

DQ is right, we have all gone Moth, snail, slug, butterfly crazy!!! If the sun was shining we wouldn't even notice, rargh.

Niamh B said...

We have haven't we? I'd blame the heat if there was any...
Ok important non insect relating news in future.