Monday, July 13, 2009


A bit tired and lazy tonight, so I'm delegating today's blog to whomever wishes to do it for me. The subject is the aul lad in the sulkie as per the above photo - as taken this evening on a roundabout while trying to pass him out. The best blog - as written in the comments will be copied and pasted up to here and the author will win a free LOLLIPOP!!! Go on - you know you want to...


Totalfeckineejit said...

Things went all twilight zone on us on the drive home.Approaching this roundabout we noticed,not only was there a car parked on it with a woman trying to get in to drive it from the back seat but also even more terrifyingly this weird wheeled armless half man half horse apparition.Despite my terror I was able to grab the camera and take this snap (I'm sending copies of to The Sunday world and Joe Duffy)If you look closely at the pic you will notice that the armless man not only has wheels but horses legs and the front half of a horse attached to his chest,it was more scary than Ger Loughnane under a full moon.Then ensued a wild chase as I tried to catch up with this crazy chimera.We reached dizzying speeds of almost 12 miles per hour in a terrifying bid to outpace the four legged freak but it was no use we eventually lost sight of it and pulled over anxious and trembling trying to make sense of what we had just seen.Will I ever sleep again?

Drama Queen said...


At last I'm free
There's only me
Master of all I survey.
I've cut the ties
Dispensed with the lies
I'm off - I opt out - I'm away.

I wont limit my speed
Sign posts I won't heed
I'l just go where the spirit takes me
Then faster and faster
To hell with disaster
I don't care how the rough surface shakes me.

As I go round a bend
To my joy there's no end
When what do I see straight ahead
Impeding my way
At this time of the day
Across the whole roadway he's spread.

A man and a horse
- and a carriage of course
Just tipping along at his leisure.
I jam on the brakes
An awful mistake
Alas, that's the end of my pleasure.

swiss said...

jesus, but i'm tired of this blogging malarkey she said

overhearing the amish man said, follow me....

Niamh B said...

TFE - I think the question is have you ever slept up to now?
DQ - I'm not sure what you're saying about my driving, but I do like the poem... lovely work
Swiss - intriguing, care to continue?

All of ye - am very impressed - at the risk of making myself obsolete I do think I'll have to do this more often...

Will announce the winner next Sunday... anyone out there want to vote feel free to leave a comment.. or indeed further entries will be accepted up till Saturday at noon, after which I will have to retire and consider all entries.

Drama Queen said...

As long as I'm short-listed, I'll be happy!

Niamh B said...

Important note: Canvassing - unless accompanied by a bribe - shall lead to automatic disqualification.