Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr C

So Leonard insisted I get up and sing at his concert there last week

That's me on the left, in the pitch black darkness.

Ok - no it's not, but I couldn't get ye a vid of him without me singing all over it, WRECKING it.

So there ya go, there'll be no singing this weekend when I go off for my first ever camping over night musical festival experience... Strictly poetry, and strict poetry at that. (although by the time we get through our free box o' beer, you never know, after all - it only took the one bottle of Miller between us to get us looking like this...)

There's a free sweetie going on Uiscebots blog if you can match all three divas to their blogs.


swiss said...

ha! you're not fooling me with those shenaningans. you'll be asking us to guess your ages next...

Uiscebot said...

Where ya up on stage with him? Fair fucks to ya - I'm not surprised at all of course

Niamh B said...

Swiss - always two steps ahead you are...

Uiscebot - I'll take that as incontravertable proof that you never read beyond the second line of my blog then... it's 2 lines more than most manage I suppose.
This'll help me to focus on making the first two lines as exciting as possible in future.