Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wish

I wish I got paid to do this:


Or even that I could do it at all truth be told, that'd be one way to get attention in an elevator full of people. I don't get into elevators that often lately, I don't think many people in this country do, but if I did and if I could do the above, then that's what I might do, as it is I might try and learn how to do it and jazz up a few poems with a bit more sound - especially the donald duck dying bit at the end (there are no poems on the subject of the mortality of Donald Duck, that I know of, perhaps an unexploited niche). Alternatively I could just try and write some kick ass poems and perform em like these fantastic ladies who were in Dubland a couple of years back, and no one told me about it

Katie & Andrea

By the way - playing the above clip at a relaxed dinner party with friends on a Friday night will effectively and efficiently clear the room, I speak from experience.


Dominic Rivron said...

I sometimes wish I could go in this direction too. I was impressed a long time ago by Kurt Schwitters' Ur Sonata (famously recited by George Melly with the effect of scaring off a group of would-be muggers). It would be great sometimes to write simply for the sound... (The obvious answer to which is, of course, then why not?)

Niamh B said...

Listening to that is like driving along with a bored kid in the back seat.
In answer to your answer: I don't know why not, maybe because it's difficult to do while putting any meaning in it, and words can be so lovely sounding as well as having spine tingling meanings, as someone once said "A poem is a song that brings its own music" - I don't know who said that, but think it's very true.
Having said that - the childlike quality has a lot to be said for it, they say toddlers act like drunk adults and adults at their wildest are merely trying to recapture their toddlerhood, (again not sure who to attribute this insight to) so I'd say there's a lot of pleasure in writing and performing those kind of pieces, but audience enjoyment - as I say - is maybe debatable? - perhaps I just need education in what it all means though.

Drama Queen said...

I have one of them in my house most nights - he doesn't go on for as long, but the sounds are quite similar. Sometimes I suspect he is talking to me but I try not to get involved.

Do you remember some guy years ago (can't remember his name) made a record telling a story and pronouncing all the punctuation marks. Now that was funny!

Niamh B said...

something like this guy I guess, must have a watch of it later