Friday, July 17, 2009

Disco Fever Road Trip

A drive out west and south for volunteering...

Lotsa dodgy tunes on the cd stolen from a german pub on closing down night 10 years ago
Distracted by my own new found film making genius talents - went wrong several times in the city - pick a lane any lane


Yes I should have gone straight there...

Tried hanging the camera off the wing mirror for awhile - the answer is no, you can't hear the music outside the car, no matter how loud you have it turned up - pity really.


Don't try that at home at all at all



Totalfeckineejit said...

Listening to that it's no surprise that the pub closed down! Liked the second film the best,it had an appealing surreal quality to it that struck a chord with me.Filming from and in cars is deadly especially when the camera picks up da toons from da radio.Mrs EEjit steadfastly refuses to hold our ancient and huge 8mm camera so I balance it on the dashboard and get lovely footage of the hedgerows or the A pillar of the car and the out of date tax disc.Going off topic now but delighted ye will host my assemblage.watercats look to be having it first so would it be okay for you to post your address on my blog(iwon't publish it)and for me to pass it on to watercats to post the work of art to you?

Niamh B said...

Sure isn't that what living dangerously is all about - pls check whether watercats is a crazy psycho before passing on the info... thanks