Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ways to combat listlessness

1. Place some glittery stars on the windowsill of your upstairs landing... see how long one of them takes to reach the bottom of the stairs unaided by human intervention (4 or 5 weeks)
2. Put molten (but not hot - just not fully set) jelly mix into one of your ears, allow to set. Voilá - you will have a perfect little replica of the open-est path to your brain, conveniently also doubles as an ear plug. For completeness - repeat on other side. *
3. Pretend you're an actor that's playing someone who's really into their day job, only do this at home. At work behave as normal.
4. Probe the reasons for why all the things on this list begin with the letter "P" - is "P" simply the letter of excitement, the letter of fullfillment? Think deeply about it - Perhaps this is the key to life.
5. Ponder the things you would add to your own list in order to avoid list-less-ness.

* of course don't really do this and don't come crying to me if you do, ya crazy maizy!


Uiscebot said...

More ways to avoid listlessness.

Lick your lovers ear every-time they're threading a needle. Laugh at old people. Kick old people laughing at old people. Laugh when old. Put Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling over your bed. Remember to never eat any desserts in the Bagnell household if they include Jelly. Bite the dog. Smash some glass that's not your own. Leave an open mic early. Do a cartwheel. Tickle a kid.

The Bug said...

But I'm fascinated by the jelly thing! I'm pretty sure Dr. M would put the kibosh in it if I were to try though. Party killer.

Domestic Oub said...

You've a very fine list there, no listlessness at all...

Rachel Fox said...

Random. Not going to try any of them.

Niamh B said...

Uisce - impressive list, of course only the glow in the dark stars qualifies out of those - since it begins with P, and it's a tried and tested way of navigating a messy room in tricky conditions.
Bus - it comes from the ear candles thing - which apparently is a real thing - MAD WORLD!
Oub - I knew I had a punchline, but completely forgot to make it, thanks for thinking of it for me.
Rachel - Definitely safer not to!!
Well the glittery stars one is interesting enough. I might start again and measure it properly this time!

120 Socks said...

Glittery stars, I had these yokes at a party in our house, 7 years later I was still finding them!(4-5weeks, no way.)

The jelly is a good one, but would be much better being done to your snoring partner.

I'm neither normal at work or at home, guess that makes me abnormal. At least now I know for sure!

Can't think of anything to add by way of suggestions because I'm too listless.

The Dead Acorn said...

I really wish you'd suggested that I read the entire post, including footnotes, before attempting each of these as I read them.

I really, really wish that.

Niamh B said...

120 socks - Noooooo!! re the jelly.
And No re the listlessness - sure don't you have that lovely list of birthdays etc?

Acorn - those darn stars do get everywhere don't they? And sure you don't need your ears to read blogs, do ya? - Your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated. ;-)

Kat Mortensen said...

Having had a particularly listless week, I can tell you what I came up with: strip the bed and make it up again with the same linens because you remember you don't have any others in the same size.
Reconfigure the scanty furniture in your one-bedroom apartment (including the emergency cot for when someone is snoring too loud).
Organize your herbs and spices into little plastic baggies (for cooking purposes).
Contemplate changing your hair-colour to fiery red just for the hell of it (and to shock your in-laws who already think you're mad and a bit lazy).

Decorate your new home in your head.
Count the number of cat-food can lids in the recycling bin.
Take a trip down the hall to the refuse chute and listen to the bag drop. Wheee!

Ask Niamh Bagnell why she hasn't been round for a visit in ages.


Niamh B said...

great list kat - I do pop over to see you, but don't always leave a comment - sometimes your greatness is too great to remark on!!

Kat Mortensen said...