Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your parrot to knobs and knockers

Oh, I've been terrible lazy of late... Anyway, looking forward to Joan's Book Launch tonight - eloquently introduced over here. (not by myself needless to say - eloquence, and anything else that calls for a scintilla of energy is far beyond my grasp just now)

In other news - hope you will enjoy the following -

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your parrot to knobs and knockers
Don't bring your parrot to knobs and knockers
the name alone is bound to shock her
and asides from that she'd loose her flock her
sense of direction would be all distorted
While the shiny door handles might be sure to excite her
and the songs of the various doorbells delight her
I've no doubt the knocking on doors would just fright her
She'd lose all the colour she'd sported
She'd peck at the letterbox, imitate all the doorbells
No the staff wouldn't be under her feathery spell
They'd get her down from her roost and send her to hell
Such a terrible mess you'd have courted
So sit Polly down, tell her she must be crackers
if she insists on looking at claxons and clackers
Tell her you will not bring her, and no one will back her
No Knobs and Knockers for your Parrot today
See here for more on the wonderfully named knobs and knockers emporium


Peter Goulding said...

Knobs and Knockers actually has a No Parrots sign on the door, but there's no harm in reinforcing the point.
How many are we up to now Niamh? Book length?

Domestic Oub said...

I think this could be my favouriate one yet :)

Gerry Snape said...

another winner !

Niamh B said...

27 and counting Peter - still a way to go I'd say - you hoping I'll stop then with them?
Tks Oub and Gerry, very kind.

120 Socks said...

You knock me out always with your energy and humour. Keep bringing joys to your followers!

Totalfeckineejit said...

It's a great poem.Don't heed the knobs and the knockers.

Niamh B said...

Thanks socks, very kind, and TFE will do my best