Friday, August 20, 2010

Pearse McGloughlin on the Radio

This week we've lined up the lovely Pearse McGloughlin to guide us on the next step in our year long Sunday Scrapbook Odyssey (yes it's been that long - you could spend two full days and nights listening to the downloads and you wouldn't get through em - it could be used for torture purposes!?) Anyway - Pearse is a songwriter singer, a new departure for the show, and I know you're going to be wowed by his songs. He's also going to read a poem and an excerpt from a story - so there'll still be a bit of spoken wordage lest you were fearing otherwise.

A bit about Pearse. He first played with a group called Socialite in Sligo. He then spent time in France and Montreal, learned French, which was when he got hooked on songwriting and recorded a short EP in cold Québec. His next group was Thy Swan Army in Galway. After they disbanded he lived in London, played with more musicians and gigged the indie scene as Walkperson. There are several songs written during this period that he has held on to. Back in Ireland again he released Desired Effect EP in 2006. and has released his first solo album Busy Whisper in 2009, a clearer, more cohesive piece of work than anything he had produced previously. It received a quiet but genuinely enthusiastic critical reception. He's now working on the second album... He presents his own show on Radio Na Life of a Sunday at 6pm, info on that to be found here

He has picked the theme of "The Table Tappers" for our show - not sure what that means? tune in and find out.

4pm (1pm in Greenland) on Liffey Sound, this Sunday. Catch up on the Radio Archives if you, for some very good reason, miss the show on the day.....


Captain Sensible said...

You use the word 'we' Are you part of the wireless programme?

pS Is your name really Niamh (neeam)

Niamh B said...

You should listen to the show to find out! (yes, yes i'm on it too)

That's the live stream there now, 4pm Sunday.

Am pretty sure that is my name as well and also.