Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Fact & update on the passenger window

Did you know what the dot on the top of the i and j is called?
It's called a Tittle.
Don't ask me how I know this. I'm not sure what the dots under question marks are called - perhaps one of you wondrous geniuses out there would have the answer... While you're at it would any of you know what the plural for genius is? Top genius gold star, in the spirit of back to school bus-ness, to go to the first answer, whether correct or not - since speed, and not correctness, (and by that I don't mean incorrectness - I just mean correctness is not what I'm referring to) is all that counts in this here competition.
In other news the car, (which has a lovely new passenger window since last week's break in), has a big expensive bit of the engine broken since Saturday's smokey almost explosion on the motorway. The passenger window is fine though.
The dog thought that I had just brought her on the worst walk ever, 2 hours in the car, and we got out to sit under an underpass looking homeless for half an hour... took more balance than you'd think, they're pretty steep but it was worth climbing up for safety - felt safer than the side of the road anyway.
All answers on a postcard... (or in the comments)


The Bug said...

Oh no! I hate it when the car decides to take all my money. Sigh.

My guess is jot! And that is based solely on the saying about jots & tittles (whatever it is - can't remember). I actually have no idea at all!

Summer Ross said...

hmm I hadn't realized what they were called. interesting little fact there. So sorry about the car breaking down and bursting the money piggy bank. Hope things start going better. I'm glad the window is ok :)

The Dead Acorn said...

The dots below a question mark are called "assles." An easy way to remember this is that "tittles" are up top and "assles" are down below. I believe there was a whole song dedicated to this topic in the musical "A Chorus Line."


Totalfeckineejit said...

Feckin cars!
I think the plural of genius is geniarse.The other tittle is either a wittle or a wattle.

Niamh B said...

Bug, jot's a good one, I don't know the saying you mean though
Summer - it's weird how everything has a name isn't it? car will be fine, needs a holiday perhaps
Dead Acorn - can't believe you made me look up assles (and the musical numbers of A Chorus Line) in wikipedia. impressive comment all the same.
TFE - I like the wittle wattle theory - maybe tattle too... We are a whole lot of geniarse

brokenbiro said...

I love learning stuff like this - not that it will be of any use whatsoever!

Only the other day I discovered what the little wiggly mark on the same key as the hash is - a tilde.

I'm going to plump for 'genia'?

Niamh B said...

a randomly bestowed gold star winging its way to you too biro! We're all right! can't we all be right? Why not indeed.

I do like tildes ~~~~