Friday, August 27, 2010

Catherine O Mahony on the Radio

This weekend I'm delighted to welcome one of my best buddies and a very fine poet Catherine O'Mahony to the Sunday Scrapbook Sofa... Catherine is one of those rare creatures who I've known for more than the past 10 years and despite her knowledge of me reaching far back into the hazy mists of the last century, and knowing much of my sordid history - she's still friends with me to this day.
She was in the English Literary Society in College, which I stupidly never joined at the time partly because I was afeared of their massive intellects and partly since I didn't realise there were free pints going with it...

Anyway Catherine has 8 siblings (pay attention this will be important later). She is originally from Kerry, and has lived and written in Dublin, Australia and is currently settled in Cork. She works with the national acadamy supporting excellence in higher education in ireland, and has had her work published in the UCC English Lit anthology "Shadow Rites", and Spin scientific magazine.... Her particular interest is in Science Communication and she has spoken on that topic to the Sceptics Society in Dubland. She is making her performance poetry debut at Electric Picnic this year.

Her theme for the show is "Siblings"
You can join us for a rollicking good show on that theme this Sunday at 4pm on Liffey Sound. Link on the right there. (that's 6am in Alaska)
Show will be up on soon thereafter.


Titus said...

Ooh, right up my street. Too many brothers in my house. Sounds fab, and all the science stuff too. I will catch this at some point!

Niamh B said...

We look forward to your company then then!