Friday, March 26, 2010

Raven On the Radio

So this weekend I will be welcoming the fantastic Raven to the Liffey Sound Studio for his show on the theme of

"America: Undreamt"

Raven's journey to date in his own words:

"Born in San Francisco, 1965. Raised on the edge of America, within earshot of the ocean, in a house full of books, music and politics. My folks – longshoreman, lab technician – were also professional musicians, Socialists, activists for labor and social justice.
Wasn’t much interested in applying myself at school – a litany of alleged facts that both bored and intimidated me – but read voraciously on my own time, questioned everything and, while I had friends, inhabited a private world revolving not on any grand scheme but on the tiniest details.
Studied film, graphic design and painting in college, was called away from studies by the responsibilities of young parenthood -- and an uncontrollable fear of institutions. Worked intermittently as a graphic designer, cinematographer, and at whatever jobs I had to in order to make a living. In the gaps, joined the next generation of activists, applying my skills as an artist – including writing -- to creative protest, guerilla theatre.
I’d been writing poetry since a child – a means of translating the world, distilling chaos to essences I could digest. Found inspiration in the Beats, the radical black poets of the 60’s and 70’s, hip hop. In the early 90’s, started reading publicly at open mics and getting published in local anthologies, small-press magazines.
Moved to Ireland in 2005, and moved from reading to performing, getting the opportunity to support Saul Williams twice during his 2006 tour, perform yearly at the Electric Picnic, as well as in Wales and England. I have been published in two anthologies in Ireland, won Balcony TV’s Best Alternative Performer award in 2008, and currently run and perform at the monthly spoken word showcase Tongue Box, in Dublin. In the past year I have been incorporating live music and soundscapes into my work, and a book and cd are in the works."

You can check out his award winning Balcony TV performance here

Anyway - hope ye can join us then - usual time - 4pm on Liffey Sound, catch up if you miss it on if you miss it.


Titus said...

Sounds uncommonly good!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great Balcony TV performance.Should be an interesting chat.

WV is chiat!?

Niamh B said...

Titus/TFE - he's a very talented guy, so it should be great... Fingers and toes crossed we manage the hour move alright, and end up there at the right time.