Friday, March 5, 2010

Michael Flynn on the Radio

Michael goes by Mike or Micheal depending on his mood at the time, he studied English and Sociology in UCC, finishing in 1999, he's been based in Dublin for the past 8 years and started writing 18 years ago, getting involved in writing groups and courses in Waterford and Cork. He has in the meantime worked in everything from Ryanair, to farming, to construction, and has not published any of his written work to date.

His chosen theme is Poetry as Prayer.

Incidentally - Michael is one of the most genuinest people you'll ever meet, and will not give out to drunken young students, even if he has had to carry them home from the pub because they were falling asleep at the table, rescue them from their kitchen roof, put them to bed and put up with them laughing uproariously as they follow him drunkenly back to the pub... no poitín will be harmed in the making of this radio show - but that's besides the point - his poems are lovely too...

See ye then - 4pm - on Sunday - on Liffey Sound

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