Sunday, March 14, 2010

The early monday bus - Stella

This poetry bus leaves earlier every week - here is this week's challenge - complete the poem that begins as follows:

I was wearing Stella McCartney
You were drinking Stella Artois

So anyway - twas a tough one, but I managed the following (actually wrote it during a Mozart recital that himself and myself stumbled into today - but I don't think you'd know by the words) - even working in the mention of a mother, for the day that's in it.

All into Stella

I was wearing Stella McCartney
You were drinking Stella Artois
You said your Ma wouldn't like me
Now who are you foolin, boy?

I said "Let's tell her we're all into Stella
We make the most perfect pair
If you just tell her we're all into Stella
She'd see we're a match, to be fair"

We were eatin sambos at your uncle's removal
The topic arose once more
You couldn't marry me without her approval
You're some Mummies boy, to be sure

I said "Boy just tell her we're all into Stella
We make the most perfect pair
If you just tell her we're all into Stella
She'd see we're a match, to be fair"

We went on a holiday far far away
Some place cheaper than Lanzarote
And as I laughed through the surf in bikini I swayed
You said "You know, though you're a hottie

I can't just tell her we're all into Stella
And I know we're a perfect pair
But If I just tell her we're all into Stella
She'd think I'm a fool, to be fair"

Stella alone never held two together
Life's too full of troubles and trials
Stella won't work, won't make us happy forever
We need something more to rely (on)

I said "Come on now fella, we're both into Stella
There's never been such a perfect pair
I'll never ever tell ya I'm not into Stella
Where else would you get it, to be fair?"


Totalfeckineejit said...

I can see the Mozart influence here.I think this would make a deadly song or the makingsof a Diva performance poem.

Second contender for rhyme of the century...Lanzarote and Hottie.
Where else would you get it? Bus poetry ya kant beat it!

Bill said...

Good one! This TFE prompt is coming up with all sorts of colourful stuff! Mozart? Eh? More Nick Cave I thought. Lazarote/ hottie would be right up his street! :)

Mozart sometimes has that effect on me. (As does Brahms. I once fell asleep at a concert and snored loudly through Brahms' piano quintet).

Niamh B said...

Thanks TFE - yes, twas a toughie - you never know... it might make it out in public one day - but I'm serious about that Wooden Spoon - you better send it to me for this one.
Yeah Bill - it was 3 sonatas - and people didn't clap between the movements which I thought was rude... I think I'll blog more about the experience soon. Yes very proud of Lanzarote/ hottie - probably my finest moment.

Rachel Fox said...

Definitely one for a rousing tune!

Titus said...

Yep, I got the Mozart references too, and "Lanzarote" rhymed with "Lanzarote! I'm going to steal.
I also like the plethora of stellas and fellas in the final verse.

But I don't think he's worth bothering with.

swiss said...

i had to do a double take - lanzarote/hottie. nicely done!

Niamh B said...

Yep Rachel - rousing tunes definitely needed for alot of em this week.
Thanks Titus - they're subtle - the mozart refs, but they're there.
Thanks Swiss.
"Stella the musical"
- has a definite ring to it

Titus said...

I was obviously drunk last night. For the second Canary Island read "hottie".

Peter Goulding said...

I loved the bit about eating sambos at your uncle's removal. Brilliant!

Argent said...

Yes, this should bwe a song. Some classic lines - I liked the one about the uncle's removal too.

Niamh B said...

Titus - I want whatever you were having last night - seriously.
Thanks Peter & Argent - I find an aul funeral always improves a poem, so when this one looked as it did - I suppose the inspiration just struck... you're all too kind, really.

Poetikat said...

This line killed me: "We were eatin sambos at your uncle's removal".

I take this to be sandwiches at a funeral, is it?

Good job with a tricky prompt from TFE.

Niamh B said...

Thanks Kat - yes you've got it right - typically hang sangwiches - being ham sandwiches - but sambos just fitted with the structure better, for such a serious poem I felt the need not to compromise the structural integrity.
Twas a stinker wasn't it? I think having visited your blog, you did a far nicer job with it.

Karen said...

This is great! I'm late with the comment, but have to say the Lanzarote/hottie rhyme and the uncle's removal are both stella!

Niamh B said...

never too late for a com(pli)ment Karen! Thanks v much

Emerging Writer said...

Totally a Diva performance contender ( I could have been a contender) Perhaps Stella would sponsor?

Niamh B said...

Thanks EW - I can't believe this is my first beer themed corporate type poem... It won't be my last, I can assure you.

the watercats said...

definately a fantastic song, I can hear a really over the top folky thing, and of course, it would have to be sung John Spillane style!
Excellent wordsmithing!.. love it!

Niamh B said...

There's a thought - let me officially and publicly make it known that if John is reading this and wishes to make a hit of it - he's most welcome to do so.
Thanks Watercats!

Jeanne Iris said...

Definitely has the rhythm and lyrical quality for a great country-western (County Mayo?) song.

Niamh B said...

Thanks Jeanne, kind of you to say so... Why Mayo I wonder? The wild feel of it? majestic mountains evoked by the dramatic life or death atmosphere? or the possessive mammy!?

Marinela said...

Enjoyable well written poem :)

Niamh B said...

Thanks Marinela - am only sorry I didn't know your name before this task - would have made a nice rhyme!