Monday, March 22, 2010


So - since I'm on the cusp of my 30th Radio show, thought I'd ask yez for feedback, cos I know you've all been listening religiously. And though my Mammy tells me each show is better than the last, and though I've succeeded somehow in not being thrown out yet, despite my numerous gremlins in the desk etc - I just wondered if any of ye have any constructive feedback for me... Any particular kinds of questions you'd like to see more of? Are there any brilliant stars out there that I can claim are a little bit Dublin based (or indeed any I've missed that are Dublin based) (or indeed if you are a great and wonderful writer anywhere near Dubland anytime, and you'd like to be on the show - do get in touch - the email is niamh dot bagnell at gmail dot com) and hunt down as future guests? Anything that hasn't been done yet that I should consider doing?

Here's a quick recap of the wonderful, generous, talented people I've already had on the show and the themes they have chosen:

Joan O'Flynn: That's Life
Triona Walsh: The Lonely Outsider
Matt Bolton: Home
Colm Keegan: Water
Lisa Rushmere: Forbidden Love
Joe McKiernan: Travel
Cait Bohan: The Writer's Journey
David Mohan: Passion
Stephen James Smith: Mental Health
Kate Dempsey: Divas
Brian Kirk: Elegy, Lament and Sadness at the passing of time
Eileen Casey: The Art of the Idea
Joan Power: Tales of Loss and Lunacy
Blaithnaid Nolan: Unrequited Love
Louise Phillips: Relationships
Fintan O'Higgins: The Context of Poetry
Ailin O'Dea & Sarah O'Reilly: Women Writers
Hannah Bagnell: Survival, Life and Death
Stephen Kennedy: Male - Female Relationships
Brian Conaghan: Racism and Politics
Damien Kinnerk & Paul Hendrick: Non-confined Expression
Mia Gallagher: Rebirth
Honey Fungus Teen Writers: The life of a Teenager
Enda Muldoon: The Art of Comedy
Aiden O'Reilly: Opening the Doors of Perception
Kalle Ryan: Family
Mike O'Flynn: Poetry as Prayer
Ross Hattaway: Place and Belonging
Steve Conway: Going Nowhere


Uiscebot said...

One thing I'd like to see is the music given enough space. I'm always peeved when a song I'm enjoying gets cut. Maybe two songs from the guests instead of three might be an idea? That's nothing major though. Overall it's great what you're doing. Do you have any idea of actual listenership?

As a guest it was great fun. It felt nice and relaxing just chatting etc.

You're a great interviewer too, clearly putting a lot of thought into the questions.

Also, as a listener, I think it's a great resource. Very useful. I take something new from every show.

Niamh B said...

Thanks Uisce.
Re listenership, I don't have much of a clue really. I know my Mam or Dad will usually always listen, unless they have something better to do.

I've been very lucky with guests, (not least your good self) and yes I learn something from each of them, definitely. It's great getting a new spin each week.

Thanks a mill for the feedback - will watch out on my musical cuts in future! or at least will try and make the cuts less abrupt :-)

Totalfeckineejit said...

I'm hopeless at, and totally unsuited to, giving advice to anybody about anything.What do I know? If I make it to the end of the day upright at home with all four libs intact, it's a result.
I think the format is good, I think you interview well and seem to 'get' the guest and what they do.In short I think it is a good show.
How would you improve it? Have you tried juggling? Works well on radio because they can't see when you drop one of the objects being juggled.You can also say you are juggling a midget a chair and a bowling ball.That's quite impressive in my book.

Totalfeckineejit said...

'Libs'another new word of mine that I've just noticed, is a cross between libs and ribs and means your body parts in general.(don't ask me why I have only 4)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Can't believe that, I've fuckin done it again!! LIMBS LIMBS LIMBS LIMBS.How hard is that FFS. LIMBS LIMBS LIMBS LIMBS.A monkeycould do it.LIMBS lIMBD... Doh!

Niamh B said...

TFE: I was thinking maybe of eating different types of biscuits on air and seeing if the listener can guess what type I have...
And there's a Lib Island too you know.
Thanks for your kind words re the show and the eternal innovations with the English language :-)

Ross said...

I like the format, but, as I don't get to listen live, my lo tech skills listening is via the pod casts. Is it possible to omit the news at the start? It may not be.

The juggling is a good idea. Stan Freberg had acrobats on his show - I recall hearing them form a human pyramid. He also drained Lake Erie, filled it with custard and whipped cream and had the Canadian Airforce drop a ten ton cherry on top. As the great man said, try doing that on television.

Congratulations on the publication - it's a good feeling.

Niamh B said...

Hiya Ross,

Thanks for that, no, sadly I have to take the full hour - the news is usually just over 4 mins - if that helps you with dragging and dropping and sometimes there's no news, which is always great news!
A human pyramid is definitely something I think we could try on the show, we have got nice high ceilings - but the draining of a lake might be a step too ambitious.